Draymond Tells Barkley Politely That He Doesn’t Want Any Smoke

With the exception of Golden State Warriors fans, the basketball universe gets fed up with Draymond Greens antagonistic and confrontational antics, but its an aspect of his multi-faceted game that gives him an edge and makes him irreplaceable to Steve Kerrs two-time champions. 

Charles Barkley spoke for a lot of folks when he said he wanted somebody to just punch Draymond in the face. Then he spoke for himself when he said he wanted to punch Dray in his grill. 

It was Barkley being Barkley. Hes known to speak off the cuff, candidly and openly. Of course it made for great social media banter and all of the morning sports TV stations ate it up with commentary. 

Get Up on Twitter

This whole Charles Barkley wanting to punch Draymond in the face thing is a bit too far for @JalenRose. https://t.co/f3TYJKa8UE

Green responded to Barkleys comments after leading Golden State to a 121-116 win over the New Orleans Pelicans in Steph Curry’s playoff return. 

Anthony Slater on Twitter

Draymond Green with a strong response to Charles Barkley saying he would punch him in the face https://t.co/tBLRAei3zW

Green isnt really concerned with Chuck, but Barkley knows that when he says something outrageous it will immediately get spread all over social media and he gets that fix of attention he seems to need. Draymond is not going to play those games and he let it be known that if Barkley feels froggy then he needs to leap. Green is too busy trying to win another championship to study that nonsense. 

Golden State Warriors on Twitter

Dubs with their biggest lead of the night! #StrengthInNumbers 108-98, 5:46 left https://t.co/rB9kFKl0C3

Barkley was trying to provoke Draymond, but he was also sending a message about how the old school players such as himself would have handled Greens antics back in the haymaker, lane crushing 80s when enforcer was a real term. 

BARKLEY When he was still sir Charles. FIGHTS and BULLYING

Charles Barkley was one of the best players of 80s and 90s. Sir Charles was famous also about his mouth and his bad temper, but everyone wanting something of Barkley.

This is good theatre for TNTs playoff ratings with Barkley throwing himself into the storyline of the playoffs rather than reporting on the story, but nothing to take seriously. Barkley’s like the old drunk uncle kicking knowledge, reminiscing and making threats on Thanksgiving. 

On to Game 3. 

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