Draymond Green’s Behavior Creates Bad Optics

Draymond Green is the quarterback and emotional motor for the defending World Champion Golden State Warriors, and thats why he is a Western Conference All-Star. However, he doesnt seem to care too much about his image or imagery as it pertains to his exchanges with referees, opponents and his overall court decorum.  

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Draymond Green is his own worst enemy: https://t.co/SKy3vAi7Hg

While he shouldnt be stalking any referees around the court, the image of the 6-foot-7, 235-pound Green aggressively getting in the face of female referee Lauren Holtkamp, a person of much smaller stature, was troubling at times. The image of Green yelling at Holtkamp with blood spilling out of his mouth and his arms flailing isnt a good look for him. 

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On the last play of the half, Westbrook went to the ground and stayed down after his drive. Draymond Green was furious and was given a technical foul, looked to be bleeding from the mouth. Green now the league leader in technical fouls with 12. Westbrook and Durant each have 11.

Holtkamp repeatedly asked Green to get out of her face when assessing the first technical foul. Green attributed the blood to a hit he’d taken from Russell Westbrook. Green wanted a foul call, but his tantrums didnt get him one. At the same time, the referee didnt disrespect Green and didnt throw him out of the game. Arguing for a call with a ref is one thing, but Green was using abusive and very foul language towards the ref. 

My wife was watching the game with me. She said, “He’s disgusting. What is he going to do, hit her?”

Holtkamp isn’t the first referee to get an earful from Green. She’s undoubtedly earned her respect and spot in the NBA. Nobody’s pushing her around. But if Green is looking to be even more hated than he already is, then the appearance of being an angry, out of control black man, or a bully or a sexist, will do the job. It also doesn’t help the NBA’s image. There is already an underlying and ridiculous fear of the large, black male in America. It’s just a bad look.  

Draymond Green lacks tact. Hes also a passionate ambassador for the game of basketball as a legit blood, guts and glory sport where effort can get you as far as talent can. Hes the heart of a team that would be considered baby butt soft without him. He has a history of antagonistic, confrontational and borderline offensive behavior that makes him a target of referees across the league and also endears him to his fans and teammates because they know he will fall on the dagger for them. 

After getting two techs and an ejection last night, Green has 13 on the season and is three techs away from a one-game suspension. 

Draymond Green Ejected! Warriors vs OKC Thunder February 6, 2018

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Greens attitude was kind of jacked up, but the optics of his outburst were even worse. 

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