“Draya Is Out Here Acting Like She Caught a Prize” | Jalen Green Doing Wilt Chamberlain Numbers, Drops 41 Points. Are There More Babies?

Houston Rockets shooting guard Jalen Green has been heating the hardwood, but now, according to new reports, he might also have been heating his love life. Per multiple reports, Green, who is currently expecting a child with model and actress Draya Michele, may have already had his first child a few months ago.

Apparently, there is a Houston bartender named Myah who is alleging that she already gave birth to Green’s first child in February, less than six months ago. Draya announcing her pregnancy earlier this month on International Women’s Day means that Green will have had two babies this year.

However, Green now is also alleged to have yet another woman pregnant currently, reportedly a bottle girl at Houston’s famous Gentleman’s spot, Club Onyx.

Talk about 0 to 100 real quick, but in this case, 0 to 3 is equivalent for the 22-year-old ball player whose previous public critiques swirled around the perception that he was getting finessed by the 39-year-old Michele, who is already a mother of two. A friend of Green’s latest reported former flame gave their two cents to MediaTakeout.

“Draya is out here acting like she caught a prize with [Jalen Green] but he has another girl pregnant,” said the person only identified as a friend of the latest woman claiming pregancy by Green. “They have the same due date. LOL. Theur babies are going to be twins, just with different mothers.”

The outlet claims to have seen pictures of the bottle server, who is allegedly 25 years old and looks much like Draya Michelle, with the same complexion and facial features.

Green made a small statement in a postgame interview acknowledging he has a child after scoring a career-high 42 points against the Washington Wizards on Tuesday.

“My family, [and] my baby,” Green said about what motivates him to greatness on the court.

On Saturday, the Rockets defeated the Utah Jazz 147-119 at home, and Jalen Green scored 41 points in 15 of 22 shooting. It is just one of his masterful performances as of late, as the team is currently on an eight-game winning streak.

Jalen Green may live both sides of the NBA lifestyle: high-scoring in the league and procreating liberally in these streets.

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