Drake To Narrate Kentucky Hoops Documentary

Drake has spent 9 AM in Dallas, 5 AM in Toronto and most memorably, Midnight Madness at Kentucky. Soon, North America’s most prominent wheelchair basketball player turned Grammy winning lyricist will combine his two loves, Kentucky hoops and narrating.

According to The Grio, Drake will become the voice of Kentucky hoops for an upcoming documentary.

Drake is showcasing his love for the Kentucky Wildcats basketball by narrating TruTV’s “Bluegrass Kingdom: The Gospel of Kentucky Basketball.” The documentary will showcase the university’s famed basketball program. In addition to Drake’s narration, the program will feature former players and coaches, as well as notable alumni.

Drake and Calipari are a match made in heaven. Calipari has no problem with guiding hoop phenoms to the NBA lottery while Drake is himself, a preps-to-pros phenom, who dropped out of high school.

Embracing an interracial rapper is a huge sign of progress for a Kentucky program that not too long ago discouraged interracial dating among its athletes. More thany other major program, Kentucky's basketball program and its rocky race relations history started from the bottom during the Adolph Rupp years, but they've cleaned up their image in the past two decades.

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