Drake Loses $400K Betting On Friendship | His Boy Kevin Durant’s Brooklyn Nets Cost The Rapper a $2.2M Bag

Rapper Drake, an avid gambler, is filthy rich, but he still does not like losing and missing out on the opportunity to win big money. Drake placed a three-leg parlay bet last week for over $400,000, and the bet had a possible payout of over $2.2 million. The three-leg parlay featured Game 4 between the Boston Celtics and Brooklyn Nets, Game 5 between the Dallas Mavericks and Utah Jazz, and the MLB game between the rapper’s hometown Toronto Blue Jays and the Boston Red Sox


Drake loses big betting on his friend Kevin Durant’s Nets team in the playoffs. (@champagnepapi/Instagram)

Luka Doncic and the Mavericks took care of their leg, winning over the Jazz. The Toronto Blue Jays helped their native rapper out by defeating the Red Sox. All Drake needed was for KD, Kyrie and Brooklyn to take care of the Celtics for Drake to cash in over $2 million. 

But as we know now, KD’s 39-point special wasn’t enough to save the Brooklyn Nets from getting swept, losing to the Celtics 116-112, also eliminating the Nets from the playoffs in the first round. 

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While this isn’t the worst bet to place in the world, the Nets consistently struggled to get production from their stars in this series, while Boston played an airtight physical defense on KD.

KD played uncharacteristically poor throughout the series. No one expected the Nets to get swept, especially since every game was close and competitive to the very end.

A lot of people (including Drake) expected Brooklyn to take at least one game at home, so when the Celtics won game three in Brooklyn, the prevailing thought was Brooklyn would respond with a huge game from KD and Kyrie to force a game five, which didn’t happen. 

Drake Has Money To Burn 

According to WealthyGorilla.com, Drake’s net worth as of 2022 is roughly around $180 million. He’s a successful artist, an entrepreneur, and loves to bet his chips.

As any gambler knows there’s going to be major wins and devastating losses and usually more losses than wins. Drake has won and lost some. 

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Another rapper, Aubrey Graham, is a big spender when it comes to his picks. According to Casino.org, the Canadian artist reportedly has bet over $1 billion at Canadian crypto-betting site Stake since joining the platform in December 2021, which left many people speculating whether there’s a partnership in place.

Drake would prove the rumors true and recently begin a partnership with Stake in March.  He also dropped a $200,000 bet in roulette and registered $7 million in winnings. 

According to reports, Drake also lost $200,000 in Atlantic City at the Hard Rock Casino a few years ago, which is on the short end for Drake who is the Michael Jordan of rap in more ways than one. A symbol of Drake’s dedication to casino living is his custom $620,000 roulette-inspired watch from Jacob & Co. 

Crypto Hustler 

King-Slime Drizzy’s crypto gambling has brought back some insane returns to his wallet, but only add a tiny fraction to his amassed fortune. He reportedly won a $130 million bet in crypto on Super Bowl Sunday, when the Los Angeles Rams defeated the Cincinnati Bengals.

Drake lost over $400,000 on the NBA bet, but more importantly lost out on the opportunity to win over $2.2 million had the Nets won game four. Drake, who is good friends with Durant, may have put too much trust in him and the Nets, and he lost out for that reason. 


Is Drake To Blame?

But maybe Drake is the reason the Nets lost, because we’ve seen tons of teams fall victim to the Drake curse, where Drake bets or advocates support for a certain team or player to win and then they lose. On the other hand, the Toronto Raptors won a championship in 2019 — a playoff run that Drake obviously supported being a Toronto native and part owner of the Raptors franchise — and Drake’s aforementioned Super Bowl win was a come-up too.  

Either way, Drake is a huge gambler, and has the funds to do so for as long as he wants, and this will not be the last bet we see Drake place, just maybe not on a struggling Nets team.

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