“Don’t Worry, Gisele. I Got You” | Zach Wilson Fans Are Hoping He Tries To Get With Gisele Bündchen

Zach Wilson is the ultimate football “bro,” whether or not he wants to be. He wears a now mythological reputation as the “MILF Hunter” that allegedly slept with one of his mother’s best friends. With his epic nonchalance at the assertion and absence from social media during the NFL season, Wilson lives in the perfect storm of speculation, making him a rock star.

Now the potential for a rebound romance with Gisele Bündchen, the supermodel that is going through a very public split with quarterback Tom Brady, is on the minds of Wilson’s fans; they are being very vocal about it on social media.

The overzealous fans of Wilson began making memes and even created fake tweets that appeared to emanate from Wilson making direct overtures to Bündchen.


“Don’t worry, Gisele. I got you,” was the popular tweet from someone who created a fake Zach Wilson Twitter handle.

The barrage of social media posts both egging on Wilson and convicting him of wanting to get with Gisele now that she appears to be a free woman is a testament to the power fans give Wilson. He is both entertainment and inspiration now for the cult faithful that want him to be messy by any means necessary.

In real life, Wilson is trying to win three games in a row after beating the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 4 and the Miami Dolphins in Week 5. Now Week 6 offers a shot to make a name off his idol, Aaron Rodgers, as Gang Green goes to Lambeau Field to take on the Green Bay Packers. For Wilson, Rodgers is akin to a quarterback god, and the veteran versus the popular second-year QB is a mental battle as much as a physical one.

During joint preseason practices 14 months ago, Wilson effused in Green Bay after meeting Rodgers.

“He’s got a lot of knowledge. He’s a smart dude, he knows what’s going on out there. It’s cool to ask him about footwork, what’s going on on the field, what he’s seeing. If I could spend more time with him and just keep asking questions, I would. The biggest thing I picked up, just how calm and collected he is. He’s kind of just out there, almost like he’s just messing around, playing backyard football. He’s having a good time, and he makes it work.”

Wilson famously said he turns off social media during the season to hone the tasks at hand. He said it was a strategy he learned as a student-athlete at Brigham Young University in Utah. It definitely will come in handy with the noise surrounding his any-woman-can-get-it sniper ethos.

Gisele Post

Meanwhile, in the world of Gisele, she has been signaling where the problems stem from with Brady. She responded to an Instagram post on the Instagram page of Jay Shetty, an author and former Hindu monk, about committed relationships. The post said, “You can’t be in a committed relationship with someone who is inconsistent with you. Read that again.”

The 42-year-old Bündchen replied with the praying hands emoji, leaving people to believe that is the crux of the issue with her famous husband. Zach Wilson has made no signal that he is interested in a sniper move on Tom Brady’s wife, but the internet has indicted him anyway, and the fans are having fun with the concept.

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