Donovan McNabb receives 18-day jail sentence

Former Philadelphia Eagles great and current Fox Sports commentator Donovan McNabb, will serve 18 days in jail after pleading guilty to DUI in an incident that took place last June in Arizona.

He was suspended indefinitely by Fox Sports in the summer

Other conditions of McNabbs’ punishment will include 30 hours of community service, 72 days of home detention, unsupervised probation until completion of sentence, a $6,342.43 fine and counseling.

McNabb, who also served a one-day jail sentence for a 2013 DUI conviction, denies having a drinking problem.

“Absolutely not,” McNabb said during a visit to Syracuse, where he played in college. “Absolutely not. Could that have been avoided? Absolutely. I’m not running from it at all. But is there a problem? Absolutely not.”

Hopefully, McNabb can receive the assistance he needs in counseling, before he hurts himself or someone else because it seems that he is suffering from serious case of denial. Two DUI’s are completely inexcusable and he’s extremely fortunate to have gotten off with such a light sentence. 

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