With So Many Pressing Issues, Donald Trump Tweets About ESPN?

Maybe the United States has gotten so diverse with cultures and ethnicities, and our foreign brothers and sisters coming to make new lives here, that we all forgot some of the basic, fundamental principles and philosophies we live by as Americans. If we have, it’s a deficiency birthed from the tone set by our current President and the way he chooses to interact with American citizens.  

Even before Barack Obama ushered in a new day in America as the first African-American President, and the Prince of inclusion and change, we had a deep respect for the position of the Presidency, what it entails and therefore, for the person who holds the position. 

Today we live in a climate where some folks believe that Trumps presidency is a green light, a free-for-all and an excuse to be hateful and divisive. 

I dont remember any other President blatantly attacking businesses and individuals in the way that he does. Sure, Twitter wasnt around when George Bush Jr. was President, but he knew how to say as little as possible, at least attempted to build good surface relationships and he knew what move to make politically. He had his blunders, but he conducted himself as a President at all times. 

Despite the protests, pain and discord within our nation, Trump still doesnt get it. His latest Tweet degrading a person, business or something that is important to someone other than himself, is always just a few clicks away.

Donald J. Trump on Twitter

ESPN is paying a really big price for its politics (and bad programming). People are dumping it in RECORD numbers. Apologize for untruth!

So this is how the POTUS chooses to spend his energy on a platform that he could use to inspire the world and offer positive insight and hope for a better tomorrow?  


Before the arrival of Trump, presidents were above the petty, too focused on the major problems of our time to get into a spitting match with a reporter such as Jemele Hill, or attack news conglomerates and sports stations like ESPN. 

The Shadow League on Twitter

As Trump now attacks ESPN/Jemele Hill, this once again proves that free speech for Black folk ain’t free at all: https://t.co/CUx0XbDL0T

Trump’s so consumed with the tweets of one African-American woman from Detroit that he still cant let it go. Hes even more disgruntled that his office couldn’t wave their magic wand and have Jemele ousted from ESPN. Shes still there. And Trumps aiming his Presidential and petty fury at the entire station. 

Something tells me our nation is in greater trouble than Jemele Hill could ever be.  

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