Don’t Spark Up Just Yet

Election Day marked the beginning of a new era, as Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. But, hold up athletes – don’t spark up just yet. The NFL, NBA, MLB and NCAA have announced that the new laws will not affect their drug and substance abuse policies. Positive tests for marijuana will continue to result in disciplinary measures, even for those who smoke where it is legal.

It's a shame, given the ridiculous number of athletes who get in trouble with the law or who face discinplinary action from teams after failing drug tests, though hardly a surprise. Colorado is expecting a heavy legal battle with the federal government, with Governor Hickenlooper advising people not to "break out the Cheetos and Gold Fish just yet." It'll take awhile for the old folks in upper management in all walks to wrap their heads around this one. 

For fans, however, it’s a different story. Think about the possbilities. A little bud with your Bud Light? Hometown losses and poor play won’t be as painful to watch when everyone’s baked. Stadiums could even see a spike in attendance. 

Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that no city has a more fitting nickname than Denver. ‘The Mile High City,’ literally.  

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