The Fear Of Cowardly Owners Benefits Scrub QB’s In Today’s NFL

With the recent hiring of retired QB Jay Cutler, who was settling into his post career life as an NFL analyst before Miami threw $10 million at him to save their season and save them from having to seriously consider bringing in Colin Kaepernick, it is clear that the disconnect between owners and players concerning the former San Francisco 49ers QB is growing. 

Making the disrespect worse, according to, the Dolphins reportedly considered signing current New York Mets minor league outfielder Tim Tebow and another washed up vet in Kyle Orton. 

Cutler was on his last legs when he retired. He knew it was time to give it up after 11 seasons in the NFL. But Dolphins offensive coordinator Adam Gase has a history with Cutler and begged him to come back. 

Graham Barfield on Twitter

In 2015 with Adam Gase as OC, Jay Cutler set a career-high mark in Adjusted Pass Yards/Attempt (7.40). His career average Adj. YPA is 6.70.

Past success taken into account, Cutler is still a turnover machine who has never gotten along with his teammates or coaches that well. His flashes of brilliance have been outshadowed by his bad decisions at crucial times. 

Seems like after Ryan Tannehill went down earlier in the week, Miamis executive braintrust spent most of its time thinking about who they can bring into the fold that is a name and can bring legitimacy to their decision to NOT mess with Kaepernick. 

Gase is already hyping Cutler and downplaying his history of incidents which include yelling obscenities at Mike Martz in 2011, refusing to speak to Mike Tice in 2012, or Aaron Kromer saying the Bears had buyer’s remorse after extending Cutler’s contract in 2014. 

The move has already been widely criticized. 

Stephen A. Smith Digusted By Dolphins Signing Jay Cutler | First Take | ESPN

Stephen A. Smith says it’s disgusting that the Miami Dolphins signed former Chicago Beats QB Jay Cutler to a 1 year, $10M deal.

 But Gase is trying to challenge the narrative. 

I guess I know a different guy than what everybody else portrays, Gase told reporters on Friday. I think a lot of things that have been said about him in the past have really been [BS].

Some fools say Kaepernick is bad for the NFL? 

Maaaan, theres a bunch of  washed up quarterbacks that owe their jobs to the corporate fear that Kaepernick has put into these cowardly owners. Guys are getting hired left and right , just so teams don’t have to deal with Kaepernick and the issues and conversations and emotions his presence inspires. 

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