Devin Willock’s Father Going After Georgia Bulldogs For $2 Million After Son’s Death In SUV Driven By UGA Staffer

The University of Georgia was just celebrating its second straight national championship, but now UGA is facing a possible lawsuit that could cost it $2 million and a chunk of its reputation as well over the tragic death of one of Bulldogs players.

Per multiple sources, attorneys for Dave Willock, father of Georgia offensive lineman Devin Willock, have notified the University of Georgia and the University of Georgia Athletic Association of their $2 million claim that Georgia was negligent in allowing recruiting assistant Chandler LeCroy to use the vehicle she was driving during the deadly crash that killed her and her passenger Devin Willock in January.

Troubled Driving History

Dave Willock and his attorneys allege that UGA was well aware of LeCroy’s troubled driving history. 

“To be clear, UGA and [University of Georgia Athletic Association] agents and employees negligently entrusted a vehicle to LeCroy,” the attorneys wrote in the legal notice per ESPN. “Likewise, UGA and UGAAA agents and employees negligently hired, supervised, trained, and retained LeCroy.”

Police say LeCroy and Willock were killed on Jan. 15 when the UGA staff vehicle they were racing against Georgia superstar defensive tackle Jalen Carter ran off the road and crashed. 

The Georgia Bulldogs, who were fresh off of their second of back-to-back national championships, had had a victory parade earlier that day as they normally would.

On top of the legal notice of Willock and his attorneys suing the University of Georgia, they also noted that they would be suing LeCroy’s estate as well and that her estate would be sued separately from the University of Georgia.

One of the main reasons that Willock and his attorneys feel that the University of Georgia acted negligently in allowing LeCroy the SUV is they say LeCroy had a terrible driving history that included four speeding tickets in six years. The attorneys say that the school knew about this and still allowed her to have the vehicle on a night of celebration. 

Deadly Arrangement

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart said that it wasn’t LeCroy’s job to get any players home that night and that she wasn’t supposed to be driving the SUV that night. 

Willock’s attorneys responded with the claim that LeCroy, was instructed to keep the SUV to help with potential recruits, players, and coaches’ needs during the parade and celebration. 

ESPN quoted Willock’s attorney as saying in the legal notice: “Supervisors providing keys, etc. to recruiting assistants for the purpose of entertaining players and recruits over the Championship weekend is clear, but UGA denying those facts in the media after the events is poor form at best.”

“Public comments by the UGA Athletic Director [Josh Brooks], supervisors and administrators diminishing their role in this incident and blaming LeCroy does not lead the way, and it is less than expected,” the notice continued.

UGA spokesperson Greg Trevor said in a statement that Willock and his attorneys aren’t providing enough for their lawsuit that claims LeCroy’s wrongdoings were fueled by alcohol supplied by the school.

“While we continue to grieve for the Willock family, the demand letter from an attorney for Devin’s father is full of inaccuracies,” Trevor wrote in the statement. “[Willock’s attorney] has not provided the university with any sources or evidentiary bases to support these reckless claims.

“As we have made clear, personal use of vehicles rented for recruiting activities was strictly prohibited. Ms. LeCroy was not engaged in athletic department duties around the time of the accident, and her personal use of the car after her recruiting duties ended earlier that evening was therefore unauthorized.”

Whether or not Willock wins his lawsuit will depend on if the judge believes that the college itself was partially responsible for LeCroy’s actions and her drunken state on the night of the accident.

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