Stetson Bennett’s National Championship Party Lasted A Weekend Too Long | Will Public Intoxication Arrest Hurt NFL Draft Chances?

It looks like some of the Georgia Bulldogs are still celebrating the championship they won at the beginning of the year. Their former quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested early Sunday morning on a misdemeanor public intoxication charge in Dallas. 

The 25-year-old’s football story is something out of a Disney movie, but the realities of life caught up with him.

ESPN got a statement from a Dallas Police Department Spokesperson, and according to them, officers responded to a report of a man “banging on doors” in the 1600 block of Tribeca Way at 7:10 a.m. on Sunday. 

When officers arrived at the scene, they found Bennett intoxicated.

Man Down

“The preliminary investigation found when officers arrived, they located the man, Stetson Bennett, 25, and determined he was intoxicated,” the police statement read. “Bennett was taken into custody, transported to the City Detention Center, and charged with public intoxication.” according to ESPN.

While Bennett was released from the jail Sunday, he could not be reached for comment. 

Who Is Stetson Bennett?

Bennett was one of college football’s greatest players of the past few seasons. Starting as a walk-on at Georgia, he eventually took over the reins for the Bulldogs and hasn’t looked back since. 

This past season Bennett threw for 27 touchdowns and just seven interceptions. He also passed for 4,127 yards, leading Georgia to back-to-back CFP national championship. They escaped a nail-biter of a game against CJ Stroud and Ohio State 42-41 before absolutely demolishing TCU 65-7. 

After winning this second championship, Bennett finally declared for the NFL draft. Despite his accolades, Bennett is often criticized for his advanced age. He’s about to be 26 years old a month into the NFL season. That’s very old for a franchise’s “future” quarterback. 

But after the events that took place Sunday, his future is going to be in question for the foreseeable future.

Does Public Intoxication Hurt Bennett’s NFL Draft Standing?

Bennett wasn’t the top QB on any draft boards by a long shot and some experts have him getting drafted late, or not being drafted at all. Though he’s done a lot of winning, his overall skills have come into question. Is he good enough to win games as a quarterback on the pro level?

But this recent altercation could possibly affect his draft stock, being that he’s already a fringe prospect. Quarterbacks are supposed to be the leader of your team. 

This isn’t to say that Stetson won’t have a path to the NFL. He’s still the conductor of a back-to-back national champion juggernaut. You have to have some value as a person to lead a group of players to such heights. But his stock and value, which already wasn’t too high, probably dipped a bit. 

Hopefully, Bennett can make better decisions moving forward to show scouts and potential suitors that he can be a responsible football player and adult. But if all else fails, he’d likely have plenty of positions back at Georgia as a coach or assistant. Give it a while and he could work his way up to the clipboard and headset. 

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