Despite The Tempting Offer In China, Dwyane Wade Will Finish In Miami

LeBron James chose Los Angeles to play out the final years of his illustrious NBA career. Dwyane Wade still has a decision to make about his future. 

While both fathers are having a ball enjoying their sons AAU performances, Wade has offers from the Miami Heat which will pay him $5.3 million and allow him to retire with the team that he won three NBA championships with. 

That would be the sentimental and sensible choice if Wade didnt get a lucrative three-year, $25 million per year offer to play for the Zhejiang Golden Bull in the Chinese Basketball League.

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Dwayne Wade Is A Free Agent & Was Offered A 3 Year Deal of $25M To Play In China While Miami Heat Offers $5.3M

The reports surfaced last week out of China, where Wade was conducting his annual tour for his Li Ning-branded sneaker line. He is already rock-star-popular in China and has done business there. 

In 2012, China’s leading sportswear company, Li Ning, and Wade, announced the creation of a new athletic footwear and apparel brand called WADE, which was to serve as the centerpiece of the corporation’s growing international basketball strategy. 

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Dwayne Wade inks lifetimes sneaker contract with Li Ning.

Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, fresh off his second straight NBA title in 2017, secured the bag big time with a 10 year, $80 million deal with Chinese shoe brand Anta, so the relationship between the NBA and China is a prosperous and growing one. 

A variety of former NBA players have suited up for the Zhejiang Golden Bulls over the years, including Eddy Curry, J.R. Smith and others. 

According to The Root, If he accepts the offer, hell be the highest paid player in China, being paid more than Andray Blatche, who plays for Xinjiang in the Chinese Basketball Association. Itll also be one of the biggest overseas deals in history.

Wade hasnt made a decision yet but Im thinking hes probably trying to work things out with his fam. His wife Gabrielle Union is an actress and I assume much of her time is spent in California, so what will the pair do?

Despite the money, Wade also has three kids to worry about and moving to China isnt the same as moving from Cleveland to LA. 

He has made hundreds of millions of dollars, so contrary to what us less affluent folks think, turning down $25 million to stay close to his family would also make a ton of sense for Wade, who already has an immense fan following here in the states. 

Gabrielle and Dwyane Wade Full Wedding Video

As seen in People Magazine & BET, The Being Mary Jane actress and Miami Heat shooting guard are starring in their own wedding trailer for a film about their lavish August 2014 nuptials.

At 36 years old, he’s no longer a young buck trying to prove anything. As financially tempting as the Chinese offer is, it doesnt really make sense considering where Wade is at in his career. 

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