Despite Slump, Ron Washington Ain’t Worried Bout Nothin’

The Texas Rangers are once again on the verge of another season ending collapse and, so far, many people believe that it shouldn’t cost manager Ron Washington his job.

From Yahoo Sports :

The guy who watched Josh Hamilton and Mike Napoli go, and then Nelson Cruz…Who put a small handful of starting pitchers on the DL…Whose DH, Lance Berkman, hasn't played half the games and clearly wasn't able to do this again…Who went 20-7 in August…That guy? That's the guy you want to fire? Hell if I know.

The fact is, Rangers management has not even considered removing Washington. The guy who walked through the door for a job interview and told them he'd manage by gut, is still that guy. Still their guy.

So, despite the current slump that the Rangers are in, Ron Washington’s job is safe for now. But we have to remember that this is a business. Management likes to surprise their fan base every offseason. Eyes up, Uncle Ron.