Desmond Howard Apologizes For Using A “Chappelle’s Show” Line On ESPN

During the opening weekend of college football, Desmond Howard tried to be funny but it backfired.

On the “College Gameday” broadcast, Howard responded to host Rece Davis’ question about Michigan football with a quote from “Chappelle’s Show”.

Desmond went for funny with Wayne Brady’s infamous line from the “Chappelle’s Show” skit, where Brady and Dave Chappelle drove around in a car while Brady channeled his inner “Alonzo Harris” from Training Day and engaged in every activity meant to shatter the stereotypes surrounding his “nice guy” personality. Brady committed drive by shootings and collected money as a pimp, which is when he uttered his now famous “Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bi**h?” line.

While everyone knew where the line originated from, Howard apologized on air after the show returned from commercial break, as that wasn’t flying on the Disney owned ESPN. He also went on Twitter to try and tone things down by referencing other times the line was used on air, but those were done a few years ago and things have changed since then.

Ironically, Wayne Brady caught wind of Desmond’s on air gaffe and responded to him on Twitter.


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