DeSean Jackson, Black Mustard and the Perceptions of Men

Now that DeSean Jackson has signed a reported three-year, $24 million deal (16 million guaranteed) with Washington, we should begin to hear a lot more of what went down in Philly. He now will be paired with Pierre Garcon, who had a franchise record-setting season of his own with 113 receptions for 1,346 yards.

One incident is seen as part of the reason why he was let go by the Philadelphia Eagles after 82 catches, 1,332 yards and 9 TDs this season. 

On December 16, 2013, DeSean can be seen arguing with his position coach, Bob Bicknell in the third quarter of an eventual 48 -30 loss to the Minnesota Vikings. He tried to explain what happened, but either he didn’t want to talk about it or the coaching staff told him not to talk about it. Strong franchises handle this and move on, but like how the Terrell Owens situation was handled, the Eagles chose to go the other way. The franchise suffered then. What will happen now?


It’s cool if Chip Kelly clashed with DeSean Jackson. No one gets along with everyone, but the Eagles dropped the ball here and might have cost the franchise some of its loyal supporters.

Jay Gruden and Daniel Snyder will benefit. What folks have to understand is that you need players like this on your team. To a man, everyone is challenged — even indirectly — by their confident fire. To run away from that potential benefit says players and teams simply are not ready to do what it takes to become a Super Bowl Champion.

If DeSean was that much of a problem, it should have been handled in the locker room. 

His release had nothing to do with gangs and whether it’s questionable work ethic (after a career season? Yeah right), missed team meetings (how many times have you heard this about players teams didn’t want?) or hypothetically telling Chip Kelly to kiss where the sun don’t shine, allowing that bogus gang affiliation news to be the nail in Jackson's Philly coffin while the team assesses how to deal with the impending public relations hit, is a big reason why some Eagles fans are mad as hell at the organization for cutting their best receiver. The big-play speedster from Cal averaged 17.2 yards a catch over his six seasons in Philly.

Jason Avant is no longer here to be that calming influence a locker room and especially an emotionally-charged receiver like Jackson needs. The further writing on the wall was the Eagles' locking up Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper. Zack Ertz will be a star in Kelly's offense and Brent Celek is always reliable. Jackson simply became expendable and when Darren Sproles was signed it was a wrap. Sproles is a sick pass catching threat out of the backfield, so Kelly just has to tinker the offense to exploit Sproles (replacing Jackson) and keep the heat off his young immobile quarterback, Nick Foles. Sproles gives Foles a target he'd find quicker around the line of scrimmage as opposed to waiting for plays to Jackson to develop down field on go-routes.

Now somewhere in Delaware Country, PA, some sweet old lady is laughing at the Eagles inability to man up and tell the truth about why it got rid of one of the most dynamic playmakers in the league coming off his greatest season.

Chip this better work out bro…

Let’s make one thing clear.

Do you remember all the crazy talk exploding when Serena Williams Crip walked after winning the Olympic Gold medal in London? Do you remember all the American vitriol shot Serena’s way despite winning the gold medal for her country?

Many people the world over represent where they’re from with gestures. It eliminates the use of “Hi Mom” or "shout out to" whomever. It’s your problem if you don’t choose to relate or understand why some celebrate the way they do. I call it Black Mustard. It’s not like these athletes won’t continue to score, so instead of being pissed off every time someone does score and give off a little artistic expression, just be entertained. This is entertainment right? Isn’t that what sports has become? If so, just sit back and wait for the next celebration. That player did score right? Let him live.  


He’s not trying to show you up. It’s just a simple celebration. Trust DeSean Jackson will dance away in Chocolate City and in everything celebratory afterward Jackson will represent every single person supporting his path to a Sunday six.

Athletes aren’t as stupid as you think they are. They know who in their camp are cancerous additions to the mix and also who will never jeopardize their careers.

Hold up…

America needs to get over this ridiculous notion that because you’ve lived on the same street or went to the same school with a gang member that automatically you’re affiliated with everything that person stands for or has done. Gang culture has thrived and slowly penetrated this country out of a social and cultural alienation and discrimination perpetrated upon the communties where gang activity is prevelant and entrenched.  

Following and cosigning such a bogus ideology is how racial problems regarding perception and profiling begin. It’s a disgustingly general and a most definite superficial view of an entire community as if hard working middle to lower class blacks’ only aim is to rob, gangbang and violate every law known to man. America is so dysfunctional about how young black men are viewed, that even an inkling of association becomes a prime reason for guilt and that guilt by association is run in the ground for the duration of a player’s career every time it’s convenient. That reason festers and folks on the fringe of the NFL’s loyal fan base, mimic press releases despite not knowing how to pronounce the player in question’s name. That’s on America to reconcile personally, but the Eagles combined with the report, knew that just because a ridiculous perception exists, many exclusive and inclusive to the NFL world over, would point the scrutiny straight at DeSean Jackson’s young, black and talented face.

Haven’t we learned? Didn’t we just go down this misguided path with Richard Sherman and just a week later with Marshawn Lynch?

Speaking of Sherman

Quit being so typical; so predictable. Riley Cooper was forgiven, why wouldn't Eagles brass also forgive DeSean Jackson?

I’ve been a lifelong fan of the Eagles, but I’m done with the team because all it had to do was tell the truth. Instead, the organization chose the lazy way out and for that F&#&K them. I want more out of my team. I want the same BS morality spin critical of players that spits in fan’s faces to also critique everything done on the sideline and especially in the front office.

We’re in a time where everyone expects athletes to be idiots off the field, and yeah, on the field as well. That thought is a lie, but it becomes reported reality whenever leagues and sport franchises seek to smear a player’s character just for monetary gain. The Eagles didn’t want to pay Jackson $10.5 large? Cool, just say so. Philly took a big cap hit by releasing Jackson anyway, so just admit it.

Regarding this bogus assertion that DeSean Jackson was gang affiliated…

What about the people that helped get you to a position in life? Why would you turn your back on him/her once success is attained?  What would that say about you and your conviction? Why should an expectation of DeSean shedding the people important to his life exist? Experienced actions and stories about life happens many times over with these necessary "links in a chain". Does representing your upbringing make you a criminal simply by the way it’s expressed? Because of this nation’s fear of what is not understood, it is losing an opportunity to realize that sometimes the element represented as negative – in this case Jackson's "childhood friends" – could actually be the best individuals available. 

Have you ever once considered the people you think are all good and the best examples society has to offer because of the face their put on to fans and media, are in some cases as evil and twisted as can be?

Jackson told Complex Sports in 2013: “I think the more and more you live, you mature, you go through certain things that make you a better person in life. I think I've matured in my six-year career. Having come in the NFL so young at 20 years old, it's like night and day now. My maturity level definitely went up, and I'm just honored to be able to go through what I went through to make me who I am today.”

Hell, some people might consider Bruno Mars hardcore Hip Hop, but we all know that is not the case. Was DJ arrested for anything remotely related to gang activity? No, and he reinforced that in his official statement after his release.

Raul Laura, former football coach at Jackson’s high school, Long Beach Poly, told this after stating his initial comments in the original story were misconstrued: “Gangbanger, what the (heck) is that about?” asked Lara. “All I was saying was that it was a tragic part of his life when his father died. He’s not a gangbanger, I don’t know where they’re getting that from, and I didn’t say that he was.”

If the Eagles wanted to get rid of DeSean Jackson because of gang affiliation, they need to articulate that to the public. Without that statement from the organization, folks will remain skeptical and some within a loyal fan base will no longer cheer for a team they’ve followed since birth. Remember when Buddy Ryan cut Cris Carter out of the blue in 1990 and never explained himself? Randall Cunningham lost a great target, but Carter became a Hall of Fame receiver and one of the best to ever do it.

DeSean Jackson can score from anywhere on the field reminiscent of former Rams Az-Zahir Hakim. Hakim was a quick and fast wide receiver who also ran back punts for the Greatest Show on Turf teams of the early 2000’s. Because he was on the field, Torry Holt and Isaac Bruce were able to destroy defenses with great route running and elite hands. Paring Jackson with Pierre Garcon augments his talents and Robert Griffin III now has a deep threat to show off one of the prettiest thrown balls in the league.

Jackson and Russell Westbrook are similar. They might rub you the wrong way because of perceived arrogance, but when it’s time to do their job with the lights on, lace ‘em up, sit back and be entertained.

I say DeSean Jackson just became Steve Smith.

Ice up son. Ice up!

When a talented player becomes inspired, look out.

It will be interesting to see how Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly come out of this mess. Two things are certain: DeSean Jackson will be looking to destroy Philly at home and in DC. You don’t think one player makes a difference?

“Get your popcorn ready.”



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