Derrick Rose Channels His Inner Grant Hill

Derrick Rose made the most of his one-year stint with the New York Knicks. While most players go to Madison Square Garden and forget how to ball, Rose used the situation to show he still had some acceleration left in his tires, and even some explosion in his brittle knees. Rose averaged 18 points per game, shot 47 percent from the field and averaged 10 points per game in the paint, same as league MVP Russell Westbrook, on a talent-defunct squad. 

Derrick Rose 2017 Mix: Drowning

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The former NBA Rookie of the Year and league MVP was allowed the playing time and opportunity to do him without the pressure of winning. New York enabled Rose to put his current skills package on display for the perfect squad in 2017-18. 

In light of Kyrie Irvings abrupt trade request, Cleveland has turned out to be the best place for Rose next season. Now, Rose isnt the kind of player that Irving is, but to acquire a player of Roses ability for $2.1 million is definitely a value steal as LeBron and Co. have to figure out how to navigate through an improved Eastern Conference without their second best player. 

The same rules apply for Rose. He’s 28 with a 35-year-olds body, as knee injuries have dampened what looked to be a sure shot Hall of Fame career at one point. Last season’s revival ended in similar fashion as he tore his left meniscus in April, but he recovered quickly.  Now he carries the pressure of staying healthy AND working under the demanding conditions of helping drive the LeBron train.  

LeBron James has seemed to reconcile the fact that his sidekick Kyrie wont be there to open doors for him and deliver him water on timeouts. Hes already spoken with D Rose and welcomed him into the fold on Twitter Monday. 

LeBron James on Twitter

Let’s Rock G!!

Rose is still accident prone and susceptible to a season-altering mishap at any time, but the 64 games he played last season showed some durability. 

Just days after Kyrie dismisses the myth that playing with LeBron is every point guards dream, Rose chooses King James court over the Lakers, Bulls and Bucks and adds to the line of former Knicks that have become integral pieces in Clevelands recent title runs. 

With Roses interest in playing basketball diminishing each season and with his health situation so unpredictable, winning a championship in the near future has to be high on his list of priorities. Problem is, most people think Cleveland is burning and that Irving will get the last laugh in this fiasco. 

Delonte West on Twitter

@stiggs8 @sege_n @KingJames

Joining Cleveland was a power move, but the situation there makes Rose’s future shaky. In any event, its good to see him still playing and flourishing, and it seems he has channeled his inner Grant Hill, accepts his his physical limitations and embraces his role as a compromised player who can still make huge contributions to a solid team for years to come – as long as he doesn’t overdo it.

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