To This Day: Deontay Wilder Sounds Off On Racism, Social Justice, And More

Wilder made headlines with his now infamous catchphrase, “To This Day!” and he means it.

Deontay Wilder took over the Barclays Center on March 19th to announce his next fight. On May 18th the WBC heavyweight champion faces the challenger, Dominic Breazeale returning to Showtime networks.

The Bronze Bomber consistently goes viral when speaking about societal injustices. The best example of Wilder’s ability to speak hard truths was his dressing down boxing personality “Radio Rahim” during the Tyson Fury fight week.

[jwplayer aYjS3365]


After his Barclays Center announcement, the Shadow League caught up with Wilder to get his thoughts on the incident involving the dreadlock-hating high school referee Alan Maloney, racism and why we as country shy away from hard conversations.

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