Deontay Wilder Is American So Why Are You Rooting For Tyson Fury?

Recently, WBC and lineal heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury took to social media to discuss his next few fights.

Now a bonafide superstar, Fury was excited as he declared to have a two-fight deal in place, at least verbally, with Anthony Joshua. The fight would unify all the heavyweight belts and create one champion.

However, that fight only happens if Fury gets past Deontay Wilder in their trilogy planned for the fourth quarter. In addition, Anthony Joshua has mandatory fights as well and there are others like Dillian Whyte, another Black Brit who is Fury’s mandatory.

British fans are salivating over the opportunity of an all-British pairing between the U.K.’s two biggest boxing stars in Fury and Joshua. However the fact that everyone is overlooking Wilder is laughable.

Yes, Deontay Wilder did not look like himself in their second fight.

Yes, his excuses were laughable when he scapegoated heavy ring walk outfits and even trainer Mark Breland, who literally saved his body and brand from hitting the canvas.

However, anyone sleeping on Wilder has a short-term memory if they have totally annexed out their first fight in December 2018. Aside from the extra weight Fury packed on and hiring Javan “Sugar Hill” Steward as his trainer, Fury was the same quick-footed dodgy boxer he’s always been.

If anything, Wilder’s reliance on his one-hitter quitter right hand might now be second guessed as the first line of offense. Wilder will need to outbox Fury and possibly gain more muscle to match Fury’s newfound power.

But never forget that Fury landed on the canvas by a right hand followed by a picture-perfect left hook from Wilder.

“The Bronze Bomber” is a known knockout artist. Out of 44 fights, he has 41 knockouts. Yeah that’s right forty-one!

Wilder is also a bronze medal winning Olympian. Hence the pseudonym, “The Bronze Bomber” which is also him paying homage to Joe “The Brown Bomber” Louis.

While America is experiencing an “awakening” spurred by protests against police brutality and a virtual economic freeze on non-black business’ we must take stock of our allegiances.

Wilder has been committed to using his platform to expose systemic racism and is one of the only boxers currently doing so very vocally.

Tyson Fury is a charismatic, entertaining athlete. His gypsy roots and street fighting lifestyle makes him a perfect candidate for thug love from the streets. But Fury is a Brit and not one of your countrymen.

Fury gets all the respect but make no mistake, Deontay Wilder is still America’s champ. Anything less is blasphemy and you need to check yourself.

Athletes like Wilder deserve our support for sacrificing their lives for entertainment and doing so on the global stage. When Wilder fights, the world sees America in the form of a man of color.

Be thankful for that and the fact that he has no controversies or drama surrounding his name.

Mr. “Til This Day” is our champion and anything less is un-American.

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