Dennis Eckersley Plays Himself With Hypocritical Dig To Marcus Stroman

That former closer’s pot-calling-the-kettle-black criticism of Stroman was bad business.

Despite pitching for a terrible Toronto Blue Jays team, Marcus Stroman’s been dripping with success this season, setting up a big payday in the future for the talented 28-year-old who has been plagued by some injuries throughout his career.   

Marcus Stroman on Twitter


Stroman’s been feeling good and on Sunday he pitched six scoreless innings against the 2018 World Series champion Boston Red Sox, which included a Flava-Flav-like  “yeaaaahhhh” (minus the boy) when he struck out Eduardo Nunez, the last Red Sox batter he would face in the game.


Apparently, Stroman’s celebration was just too much for MLB Hall of Fame pitcher and NESN commentator Dennis Eckersley to stomach. So the announcer called Stroman’s celebration “tired.”

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That’s not Dennis Eckersley calling Stroman’s celebrations “tired,” is it? “He was aggressive and animated on the mound, and he was known for his intimidating stare and pumping his fist after a strikeout. ” Somewhere a pot is screaming at a kettle.


Eckersley sounds like a damn fool.

During his days as a starter and then one of the game’s all-time great relief pitchers, Eckersley was known for showing up hitters and demonstrative celebrations. That’s why Stroman didn’t have to search far to find proof of Eckersley’s idiocy and hypocrisy concerning Stroman’s verbals. 

Marcus Stroman on Twitter


What appeared to be another disconnect between baseball’s old conservative guard and the younger, more expressive millennials, turned out to be nothing more than an embarrassing moment for Eckersley who is either developing Alzheimer’s or is a byproduct of Boston’s frustrating season and just needed to lash out at somebody. 

Stroman’s ass-kicking sent Eckersley into a pom-pom filled rage. Maybe he will get a raise for defending the Red Sox’s “honor” in the midst of another horrible offensive showing. It ain’t sweet when the Red Sox are 8 games out of first place in the AL East and get shut down by a 29-49 squad. I get it. It causes everybody in Beantown to go crazy. 

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