Deion Sanders Didn’t Get Hired To Be Part Of “Old Boys Network” | People Keep Questioning His Drastic Colorado Buffaloes’ Roster Overhaul, But He’s Playing By His Own Rules

One thing Deion Sanders is gonna do, is exactly what he wants to do wherever he’s coaching. He did it at Jackson State, and he’s now doing it at Colorado. At JSU, Sanders removed his team from the Southern Heritage Classic football game against Tennessee State for the foreseeable future. He also pretty much overhauled the Tigers roster during  the COVID-19 2021 spring season. 

Since his arrival at Colorado, Coach Prime has once again set his own blueprint with how he will operate his program. In wake of seeing 70 players, including 51 scholarship players leave Boulder, Sanders has caught the ire of other college coaches around the country.

Those coaches don’t like how Sanders has used the transfer portal to overhaul his roster. But if you know anything about Sanders you know he couldn’t care less, and if his tweet on Wednesday says anything it’s just that, he doesn’t give a damn. 

Was Coach Prime Responding To Pat Narduzzi? And Others? 

In a recent interview with 247Sports, Pittsburgh Panthers head coach Pat Narduzzi mentioned how he felt the way Sanders overhauled the Buffaloes roster was “bad” for college football. Narduzzi also said he doesn’t know how many left on their own and how many student-athletes were forced out to make space for Sanders’ “Louis Luggage.”

Narduzzi is referring to a loophole that allows first-year coaches to not honor the scholarships of players that they don’t deem needed anymore. It happens at all schools, but, with 70 players leaving, the Buffaloes are front and center.

Coach Prime’s tweet seemed to fire back at Narduzzi and any other coach that has something to say about how he sees fit to change the culture of a 1-11 team. 

Nothing too deep or direct. Just a tweet.

Coach Prime Said It From Day One In Boulder

In Coach Prime’s first meeting with his new team on Dec. 5, the Pro Football Hall of Famer was blunt about wholesale roster changes. And that’s exactly what he’s done, and thus far it’s pumped life into a rather dormant fan base, as evinced by the sellout crowd that attended the spring game in the snow. And the welcome he got when he hit campus a few months back.

If this is how Coach Prime sees fit to change the culture, so be it. He did the same thing at Jackson State and the results happened immediately. Back-to-back SWAC conference championships, the first since 2007, and back-to-back trips to the Celebration Bowl, the de facto Black college national championship. 

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