Deebo Samuel Was In Julia Rose’s DMs, And Her Boyfriend Jake Paul Isn’t Happy | “We’ve Caught A Player In Julia’s DMs”

Deebo Samuel is a rich man after signing a huge extension last week (three years, $71.5 million, with $58.1 million guaranteed), which is the most ever in guarantees for a wide receiver. It seems that newfound wealth may have gotten the former South Carolina Gamecocks star into a bit of trouble with a YouTube star-turned-celebrity boxer, Jake Paul.

The aforementioned Paul is calling out the burly but nimble Samuel for being in his girlfriend Julia Rose’s DMs. In a video Paul tweeted out he can be heard asking if anyone on his team knows who Deebo Samuel is.

“We’ve caught a player in Julia’s DMs. Does anyone know who Deebo Samuel is?”

One of Paul’s team members even shouted that Samuel was his favorite player in the NFL, as the others were shocked but found enjoyment in the announcement. Paul, who’s recent fight was canceled, had this to say to Samuel.

 “You tied? I don’t know,” Paul said. “That’s what I’m saying, they have no f***ing game.”


Samuel being in Paul’s girlfriend’s DMs is what goes on in this generation of social media where you have Instagram models pretty much inviting guys into their DMs. Not condoning Samuel’s actions, but he only got called out because he’s an NFL star, and it was another opportunity for Paul to do what he does best, and that’s antagonize and clout-chase.

Paul Has Plenty Of Time On Hands After Recent Fight Canceled

Last weekend Paul was supposed to headline a card at Madison Square Garden. Paul was set to fight Hasim Rahman Jr., the son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman. But the fight was canned due to weight issues. Paul’s team didn’t want him fighting the bigger Rahman. It was to be Paul’s first fight against a true-blue professional boxer.

But for all his sideshow buffoonery at times, Paul did agree to pay all the fighters on the undercard 50 percent of what they were due to make.

Paul is 5-0 in boxing matches. He destroyed fellow YouTuber AnEnsonGib in his first fight. Next up he destroyed former NBA player Nate Robinson by TKO. He then beat retired mixed martial artist Ben Askrin by TKO. His two most impressive wins have come in his last two fights, when he defeated former UFC champion Tyron Woodley by split decision and by KO the second time around.

Deebo Has Had Quite An Offseason Himself

Aside from sliding into Paul’s girlfriend’s DMs, the offseason has been an adventure for Samuel. He demanded a trade, then proceeded to receive death threats and racial slurs from fans, he said.

Deebo Samuel Calls Out Fickle 49ers Fans For Death Threats And Racial Comments| “Y’all The Same Ones Who Was Hurrahing And ‘Go, Deebo‘”


At his annual youth camp in his hometown of Chapman, South Carolina, Samuel was accused of denying a kid an autograph. The video went viral, but Samuel made good at the end and gave the kid signed memorabilia and took a picture with him.

Samuel is feeling froggy with his newfound riches, and if he’s not careful this could lead to a boxing match between the dual-threat back and Jake Paul.

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