Stop Hating On Coming 2 America

Disclaimer: If you aren’t someone that hated on the sequel, this isn’t for you, but keep reading for thrills, chills and laugh-out-loud spills.

Double Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen the movie at all so like Michael Jackson, beat it.

The sequel to one of the most beloved movies in the African Diasporadic cinematic canon came out to a host of mixed reviews.

Many who saw Coming 2 America brought their preconceived notions and splattered them all over the screen like a self-inflicted Jedi mind trick.

Before they could give Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall their flowers for finally putting the gang back together again, the dark side took over the force like a Star Wars scene, tainting the intended experience before it even began.

The internet was a flutter with complaints, condescension, and anathema for qualities that were wished in the film but apparently the memo didn’t reach the desks of the producers.

However, amid the parade of shade, there were a few who saw what I saw, a beautiful sequel that provided laughter in a time of leftover political and social discontent.

Let’s start with the Plaintiffs amid the Black viewing delegation because after all, hate keeps you awake.

Toxic Masculinity During Women’s History Month

The sequel revolves around the fictional African country of Zamunda having antiquated laws and traditions excluding women.

Prince Akeem, who is now poised to take the throne after King Jaffe Joffer’s death, finds out he has a son in America and needs him to “secure” Zamunda’s future leadership.

However, Prince Akeem already has a more than capable daughter who would be an excellent Queen, however, tradition blocks Akeem from initially recognizing this.

Although the primary premise of the film revolves around Akeem’s tutelage and preparation of his son to become his heir, it ends with Akeem changing the laws and informing his daughter that she is more suited to be Queen.

All during Women’s History Month.

How this ending isn’t realized as the bowtie to tie in the celebration of women and the maturation of antiquated toxic masculine ideas is beyond me but some of the Black delegation, y’all special…

Too Many Celebrities To Concentrate

Murphy dipped into his smart phone contacts and out popped a cavalcade of Black stars.

The addition of new stars like Rotimi and Teyana Taylor mixed with En Vogue, Salt N Pepa, Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones and more was supposed to be a refresher. However, the hater committee decided their inclusion was “doing too much.”

Each celebrity played a small part that surmounted into an eclectic cast of familiarity. It was awesome to see the original cast mix with today’s stars and anything other than appreciation for the amazing array of stars is an old head’s disdain for change energy, simple and straightforward.

Stop being so unmoveable, with your Otis and Esther selves.

Why Did They Wait To Show Randy Watson Until The End?

Mr. Sexual Chocolate was indeed a scene stealer in the first installment of Coming To America.

But Randy Watson is a mere touch point in the evolution of the movie, he is not a central character.

Think Chris Rock’s famous “lemme get one rib” scene in I’m Gonna Get You Sucka. Show stealer but inconsequential to the overall storyline.

That is what makes Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall character geniuses. They can take an unnecessary character and make you believe it’s inclusion was essential.

It was fitting that Randy Watson appeared at the very end of the film. It closed the loop on his significance and gave you a parting laugh via nostalgia, so relax already.

The Script and Storyline Were Not Well Thought Out

This has been the overarching tone of most C2A detractors. They dismantle the writers, disrespect the producers, and blatantly take a dump on the Director.

The only person behind the scenes who gets universal love is the Costume Designer.

This outlook is egregious.

To make Akeem relevant to today’s audience, and a generation who may not have seen the original, Coming To America, you have to provide new touchpoints.

Hence the heavy inclusion of Akeem’s son, his mother and uncle, who extended the Queens, NY storyline and energy and brought it to Zamunda.

The plot was thought out and should be for a comedy, not a cinematic diatribe on a wayward mythical African culture.

Zamunda isn’t real, folks, so the story for a fake kingdom was good enough.

Just laugh and chill.

In Conclusion

When you watch a film like Coming 2 America, you should leave your expectation at the door. Because the in-theater experience has been thwarted due to COVID-19 social distancing protocols, we all took it in from our homes which might have diminished its impact.

However, make no mistake, if you didn’t laugh and enjoy the hilarity thrown at you every second of the film, your soul might just need a jumpstart.

The movie was funny as hell, and all the dissection should be saved for Biology classes, boys and girls.

Turn your inner Siskel & Ebert down and just laugh.

It’s like the Trump era left you all too shook to kick back and trust comedy.

Now just shut up and dribble so Murphy can get his LeBron on and take this hit to the hole.

Your welcome.

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