Davante Adams Says Even Aaron Rodgers Can’t Make Him Play Under Franchise Tag In 2022 | Why Wouldn’t Green Bay’s Star WR Flex? He’s Learned From the Best

After getting the attention-seeking, mercurial Aaron Rodgers to re-sign, things in Green Bay seemed to be looking up. It was expected that with Rodgers in tow, superstar wide receiver Davante Adams would fall into place without much problem. 

But now things Adams are in a tizzy after the team applied the franchise tag to him rather than offer him a deserving long-term deal. 

On Monday, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rappaport, the talented pass catcher told the team he wants a long-term deal and won’t take the field on his $20 million franchise tag. The $20 million would make Adams the third-highest-paid wideout behind the future Hall of Famers DeAndre Hopkins (Cardinals) and Julio Jones (Tennessee Titans) 

Just when you thought things were kosher, here’s another hurdle for the Packers to cross as they look to make another long-awaited Super Bowl run. His quarterback Aaron Rodgers reportedly has signed the new deal, which is reported  $150M over three years, a number Rodgers initially denied. Adams just finished his four-year deal where he made $12.25 million annually, as he’s positioned himself into the best receiver in the league argument.

No one can blame Adams. He more than deserves a long-term deal. And after all of these seasons watching Rodgers strong-arm the Packers until he gets what he wants, Adams has learned from the best how a player who is at top of his position should negotiate. 


NFL Network Analyst Shaun O’Hara Likened Adams To Scottie Pippen

Ohara compared Rodgers and Adams to Michael Jordan and and Scottie Pippen, who led the Bulls to six championships together. While the Rodgers and Adams combo hasn’t borne any fruit as far as championships go, they’ve been in position on numerous occasions.

Rodgers was pretty much holding the franchise hostage and now that the amount of his deal is confirmed by ESPN, Adams’ future with Green Bay will start to take form. The deal also gives the Packers some cap relief and lowers the 2022 cap hit from $46.1M to $28M.

 It’s evident that the Packers have no problems paying Rodgers what he wants, but still don’t want to pay their all-world receiver what he’s worth. Time is also on their side as they have until July to sign him to a long-term deal or he’ll have to play on the franchise tag, which he’s said he isn’t doing. That’s when things would get really sticky, but the expectancy is that he gets what he’s worth.

Deandre Hopkins is currently the highest-paid receiver, with an average salary of $27.25 million. Adams will be seeking at least $24 million to $25 million.

Shaun O’Hara of “Good Morning Football” had this to say about the situation:

“He’s Scottie Pippen. I mean the whole thing, this is the last dance. He’s Scottie Pippen. Scottie never got paid, never got the respect and he’s still bitter about it. And you feel like Davante Adams is a little bit like that. I think it’s obvious and it’s clear that Aaron Rodgers isn’t taking any discount. He’s not going to take any less money to help Davante Adams.”



The Packers have made some cap-clearing moves, such as releasing linebacker Za’Darius Smith to free up some more cash. But is that to pay Rodgers or Adams?

Adams Produces At A High Clip: Rodgers Raves About His Star Pass Catcher

Rodgers has never been one to give out many compliments to his receivers, as he doesn’t want to detract from the belief that they thrive because of his greatness. But when it comes to Adams he’s quick to heap praise, as he told reporters during the final week of December.

“I’ve played with some incredible players, but the kind of dominance that I’ve seen from Davante warrants that type of praise. I’ve played with some great receivers over the years and appreciated the different skill sets that they brought to the table. But I feel the way Davante’s been playing the last few years, it’s something that I haven’t quite seen during my 17 years.”

Adams was a second-round selection out of Fresno State. The route-running savant has made five Pro Bowls and was also named First Team All-Pro in 2020. This past season as pretty much the team’s only consistent target he went for 123 receptions, 1,553 yards and 11 touchdowns. For his career he’s snatched 669 catches for 8,121 yards and 73 touchdowns in eight seasons, all with Rodgers under center.

The tandem has been one of the NFL’s most prolific. 

The Packers need to figure out how to get Adams signed, because he and Rodgers are a package deal, and after sweating out Rodgers’ decision to return this offseason, upsetting the main cheese is something they don’t want to do again.

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