Darrelle Revis Gets Traded To Tampa Bay, Signs 6-Year, $96 Million Contract

Just in time for summer, Revis Island has migrated to a more tropical climate. According to ESPN.com, after months of speculation, New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis was finally jettisoned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 32nd-ranked pass defense and immediately signed a record-breaking contract.

Next year's conditional fourth-round pick could become a third if Revis is on the Buccaneers' roster on the third day of the 2014 league year.

Revis signed a six-year, $96 million extension that includes no guaranteed money but makes him the highest-paid defensive back in NFL history and one of the two highest-paid defensive players along with Mario Williams, per sources. The new contract replaces his former deal.

The New York Jets on Sunday traded Darrelle Revis to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 13th overall pick in Thursday night's draft and a conditional fourth-round pick in 2014 that could become a third-round pick, according to sources close to the Pro Bowl cornerback.

Revis is happy with the new contract he will receive from the Buccaneers. Plus, with no state income tax in Florida, Revis now will pay less in state tax from the Buccaneers than the $538,200 he would have had he remained with the Jets on his $6 million salary in New Jersey this season.

And Tampa Bay is pleased to acquire the league's top cornerback to upgrade its pass defense and to match up against division rivals such as Drew Brees and Matt Ryan.

As if that weren't enough drama, there's more ahead. In Week 1, the Buccaneers open against the Jets.

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