Danny Hurley Turned Down $70M, Ran For His Life and Saved Himself From Becoming The Next Victim Of The LeBron James Narrative Tour

Danny Hurley wasn’t crazy enough to take the Lakers job. He didn’t care that the six-year/$70M deal would have made him the fifth-highest-paid coach in the NBA. He didn’t care that he would probably have the chance to coach LeBron James and Bronny James.

If Hurley accepted that job, coaching LeBron and managing the Bronny James situation and AD’s ailments, while trying to construct a team and implement a new culture, the betting odds in Vegas resoundingly say he would have lived to regret it. 

Danny Hurley Made Correct Choice Turning Down Lakers Job

With all due respect to King James, who is still performing at an elite level on the court and off, Lakers Nation has become a sideshow. These past few years in L.A. have been nothing more than a retirement tour for Bron, who is today’s definition of Ol’ Man River. Other than financially, Hurley, the son of legendary high school institution Bobby Hurley Sr., and brother of legendary college guard Bobby Hurley Jr., saw no benefit to being an eventual scapegoat when high expectations aren’t met. 

If the job was just coaching talent, even with his abrasive demeanor and demanding standards, Hurley could do it while tying his shoes and chewing gum. Managing the LeBron James narrative is a job that few, if any, first-year NBA coaches are built for. 

So, instead of sharing power with LeBron and Klutch Sports, Hurley went back to UConn, where he has total control and rebuilt a former Big East powerhouse into a squad that could become the first college team to win three titles in a row since the legendary John Wooden-lead UCLA teams.

An anti-LeBron narrative is never going to be the go-to for any hoops publication, so instead let’s focus on Hurley declining the offer as an example of the complete dedication he has to the program that Jim Calhoun built into a titan. 

 Hurley has transformed the Huskies into a powerhouse, culminating in back-to-back national championships. His coaching philosophy, player development skills, and strategic acumen have not only brought success but have also revitalized the program, making UConn a perennial contender.

Next is becoming immortalized in college basketball history by completing a three-peat, which is an almost impossible feat in this climate of basketball, NIL deals, transfer portal madness and me-first mentalities. 

If the Lakers are willing to give Hurley $70M today, somebody else will offer him even more if he completes the mission. 

Hurley made the right choice, and he will see that as the Lakers’ 2024-2025 season plays out.

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