“Dak Prescott Does Not Get Punked” | FS1 Personality Emmanuel Acho Believes The Cowboys QB Is The Only One To Stop The Eagles’ Super Bowl Train

At the midway point of the 2022 NFL season, the Philadelphia Eagles have taken the league  by storm. They’re the lone remaining unbeaten team at 8-0, their best start in franchise history, and they seem to really be hitting their stride in all three phases of the game. Led by rising quarterback and MVP candidate Jalen Hurts and a very good and at times dominant defense, the Eagles have been the best team through eight weeks this season.

So good that FS1 personality Emmanuel Acho believes there’s only one player and team that could keep them from making the Super Bowl. During a recent episode of “Speak for Yourself,” Acho went in to detail as to why he believes Dak Prescott and the Cowboys are the only NFC team that stands in the Eagles way.

“I think one thing and one is place could stop the Eagles, Dak Prescott and of the Super Bowl. I think Dak Prescott is the only person that has enough help and has enough talent to stop them. Kirk Cousins isn’t gonna stop the Eagles. We saw what happened when the Vikings played the Eagles.”

Acho continued, “Um, Tom Brady doesn’t have enough help. Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have enough help. Marcus Mariota, I don’t think he has it. Nor does he have enough help. The Saints not, ain’t got it. San Francisco 49ers, I just need to see them get healthy. I’ll talk more about them later.”

For Acho to claim someone who’s come up small in three playoff losses in four playoff games, including two coming at home, is the kryptonite for the Eagles doesn’t add up. But let’s see if we can detail what he may be getting at.

Cowboys Defense Is Good Enough: Will Need Zeke And Pollard

Acho even claimed that Dak is the only one with the heart to take down the Eagles.

“But Dak Prescott is the only quarterback I think, that has enough heart and has enough help to stop the Eagles. Dak Prescott does not get punked. He doesn’t. We know how much Dak Prescott has been through on the field and off the field. He don’t her punked and he has enough help in Micah Parsons etc.”

The part about Parsons and the Cowboys defense is where Acho is corrrect. And with Prescott missing the bitter divisions rivals’ first matchup, the Cowboys gained a lot of confidence, as they hung in there with backup Cooper Rush because of their defense.

The run game of Zeke Elliott and Tony Pollard also played a vital role then and will going forward. Any hopes of making Acho’s comments come to fruition will lie in how well the defense and running game perform.

Eagles And Cowboys’ Second Meeting Is On Christmas Eve:

The teams will battle again on Christmas Eve at “Jerry’s World.” That’s when we’ll see if Dak is really the piece that can lead his team past the Eagles. In his career the former Mississippi State Bulldogs star is 7-3 against the Eagles.


He’s also 25-7 against the NFC East, meaning Philly has accounted for almost half of those seven losses.

While, Acho may be onto something, Dak’s play alone won’t be the reason the Cowboys upset the Eagles. It’s gonna take all the ingredients listed to do so, and that still might not be enough.

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