CyHi Speaks on Rick Ross and The State of Hip Hop

CyHi was putting the finishing touches on his fresh mixtape Ivy League: Kick Back on Monday (more on that, soon), and TSL dropped in to kick it with The Prynce. He spoke about his life experiences and thoughts behind the tape, but also spoke about Rick Ross allegedly being shot at after his birthday in Fort Lauderdale. 

That's not good, man. See that's why you gotta be careful man, cuz a lotta guys take things literally, especially when you speak it with a conviction, you know what I'm saying?


That was another thing about me, when I first started rapping. I used to go around some gangsters, right? And one time we was rappin' in the studio and he was in there playin' a video game and we was like, we're gonna shoot this, and, we're sellin' this dope, and we was doin' everything, we were the realest mobsters alive, we mighta been sixteen years old, fifteen. And he put the game on pause and he said, “Everybody pull your gun out!” So we had like a little neighborhood gun, that was it, it was stashed in the back, and we're looking around like what is he talking 'bout? He's like, “I don't wanna hear nobody talkin' about who they gon' shoot if you ain't got a gun on you. Everybody pull your dope out!” Like, he made us go through everything we rapped. “I don't wanna hear that sh*t if you ain't got it.” And that was my mentality in rap, that was what kinda balanced me out to have fun and rap and not take it so serious where it's gotta be like overly gangster and street.


You know that's why I feel like it's good we have people like Kanye, who changed the culture from that and made it possible for guys like Drake, and Wiz, and me and the cool kids, Kendrick, you know, people who can really bring hip hop back from an honest place. I feel like that's a good thing.


Other than that, man, I hope it don't get too serious with The Boss, man, he's a good friend of mine, he put me on the Self Made album, so he's a good guy. I hope it don't turn into like Biggie or nothing cuz he's a great. Some people may disagree, but to me he's one of the greatest we've ever had in music, to be able to sustain this long and be consistent and to me, I've never seen him hate on nothing, he always show love. Shout out to Ross.

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