Curry Brothers Lose 3-point Contest, Win Big In The Community

Seth and Steph Curry failed to win the 3-point contest, but the Curry family is winning in the Charlotte community. 

The MTN Dew 3-point Contest between brothers, Charlotte natives Steph and Seth Curry fell short of expectations. Seth didn’t make it that far, failing to live up to his end of the anticipated matchup between the lethal shooting offspring of former NBA sniper Dell Curry.

Steph was hotter than fish grease at the start of the finals against unheralded Joe Harris of the Brooklyn Nets, but Harris finished stronger and edged the NBA’s all-time greatest shooter 26-22 to win the competition and crush the homecoming for the Curry boys.

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Joe Harris puts up 26 in the final round to win the 2019 3-Point Contest ?

“Obviously it’s incredible, Harris said. “Steph is the greatest shooter of all-time. But, again, shooting off the rack for a minute isn’t indicative of being a better shooter than Curry. I don’t want anybody to get it twisted at all. He is coming in, and he’s won this thing He’s participated a number of times. For me to come in my first time and to win, it’s a surreal experience.”

It’s also an indication of how real life situations don’t always meet reality TV expectations. Harris, a guy with 18,000 Twitter followers defeated a basketball God with 24 million followers. Unfathomable in today’s social media makes you great world we live in.

Despite the loss, the Curry family still had a major win this weekend.

In partnership with the NBA, Under Armour, RISE, Nancy Lieberman Charities, Seth and Dell Curry unveiled two new outdoor courts at the Naomi Drenan Recreation Center, where Stephen and Seth first learned the game from their Dad.

Stephen and Seth spent countless hours on the court growing into NBA players .

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Drazen Petrovic, Mitch Richmond, Dell Curry and a young Steph at the 1992 3-Point Contest. #MtnDew3PT

The event also served as a launching pad to bring the Building Bridges through Basketball program to Mecklenburg County. Courtesy of Under Armour, the NBA and RISE, this program uses basketball to facilitate conversation and act as a vehicle for positive change by getting the youth community to talk and share experiences with local law enforcement.

NBA Cares on Twitter

Charolette Hornets legend, Dell Curry, shares a message at Building Bridges Through Basketball, a 10 week program that brings together the local youth and CMPD.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver had nothing but high praise for the Curry family and what they mean to the NBA, especially this weekend.

Steph Curry grew up in the Charlotte market and Dell played here,” Silver told The Shadow League, “and Dell and continues to be a TV commentator in this market. They seem to be the first family of Charlotte at least this week and I can say on behalf of the league we are very appreciate of the entire family’s commitment to working with us on numerous events in the community.”

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