Crimson Tide’s Jalen Hurts Keeps Promise And Cuts Dreadlocks

Jalen Hurts won a national championship with the Alabama Crimson Tide two weeks ago despite the fact that he was replaced by freshman QB Tua Tagovailoa. While that goal was accomplished, Hurts had another mission to accomplish and this past weekend he made good on it, which was to cut off his dreads if they won it all.

Jalen Hurts on Twitter

The Deal Was If We Won The Natty, The Locs Had To Come Off lol. New Look . Same Mission . Grind Hard And Improve Everyday ! #AllGlory2God

“New look. Same misson.” said Hurts in his tweet, and that means that despite his rastafari look being gone, Hurts and the Tide are looking to go back to back next season.

No word as to what he’ll do with the dreads but it seems they’re still around for the time being.

Josh Jacobs on Twitter


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