Crazy Fight Breaks Out At Texas Southern and Alabama State Women’s Hoops Game

Texas Southern defeated Alabama State 81-54 on Monday night in Montgomery. However, the best action took place during a brawl which was captured on video, and of course, had over 150K views within the first 12 hours after being posted. 

Times are certainly changing. The days of women’s college basketball games being considered respectful, polite and less physical than the men’s game have ended in 2020. Girls throw their hands and want all that smoke too. 

A game between two SIAC schools, Tuskegee and Lemoyne-Owens, ended in a brawl that involved both men’s and women’s teams last month.

For the second time in a month, a basketball game between two HBCUs resulted in a brawl in the state of Alabama.

The fight was eventually broken up and Alabama State is yet to comment on the situation. WNBA legend Cynthia Cooper is the head coach for the Texas Southern squad. 

HBCU Gameday reporter Stephen J. Gaither contributed to this report. 

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