Cowboys Stadium Got That Corporate Money, Now It’s Ready For A Name Change

Jerry Jones likes to get it his way, which means that if Cowboys Stadium (aka Jerry World) was ever going to slap a corporation onto its venue nameplate, the money had to be right. Well, Jerry is happy to announce that he got his paper.

From DallasNews:

The club and AT&T have reached a multi-million dollar naming rights agreement. This culminates the long dance between the Cowboys and AT&T over how to meld their brands. The name change, effective immediately, will be reflected in substantial signage updates throughout the upcoming football season, prominently featuring AT&T, both inside and outside of the stadium.

Jones declined to discuss the terms of the deal (years and dollars) at the press conference. He acknowledged the deal "is not the most in dollars that there has been for naming rights."

Though that may be true, it was enough money to get Jerry to bite, and that fact speaks louder than anything else.

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