Cover 3: Game Over For Geno?

 1. Has Geno Smith started his final game for the New York Jets?

JAMES CARR: We discussed the Jets a few weeks ago, trying to decide whether Geno was a victim or a curse for the Jets. I'm still going with victim, but I'm not exactly sold on his long-term prospects, nor the Jets' ability to identify talent at quarterback. Geno comes after Mark Sanchez, who joined Kellen Clemens, Matt Simms and Tim Tebow as Rex Ryan QB signings. That's a murderer's row of gunslingers, as in the kind of row to murder an offense. No wonder Santonio Holmes keeps getting "injured." The Jets need to hit the reset button offensively, one way or another.

DJ DUNSON: Look at the numbers and some of those throws and tell me, what’s the difference between Tim Tebow in Denver and Geno Smith in New York? I won’t go into detail again on how his astronomical passing numbers at West Virginia were overrated in West Virginia’s system. He’s basically Brandon Weeden-lite. If Smith had come out in 2011 or 2013, he probably would have been a third round pick. J.R. Smith makes better decisions in competition than Geno Smith. He’s not the long-term guy. If they think he is, they’ll regret it in the long haul.

RICHARD BOADU: The Jets knew what they were getting in Geno Smith. He was a second round pick for a reason. It's crazy how we've already forgotten about Mark Sanchez. It was Sanchez who was supposed to be this season's starter, not Smith. Look, Geno is young and he's going to have bad games. Matt Simms isn't the answer, and their organization knows that. Geno will still be the starter…next week.


2. What’s the most boneheaded coaching move of the week between Mike Tomlin’s cha-cha slide on Thanksgiving night and Marc Trestman settling for a 47-yard field goal in overtime against Minnesota — on second down? Chicago’s Robbie Gould missed the kick and Minnesota drove down the field for the win.

CARR:. I don't know if Tomlin's move was boneheaded since it kinda worked. Yeah, he'll get a fine, but did you see that grin on his face afterward? That's at least a $50,000 smile. Worth it.

BOADU: I don't think either is boneheaded, but if I have to choose it's definitely Trestman. During his postgame press conference he said he didn't want to risk it by having something "unique" happen. He was playing not to lose and not playing to win. You can't worry about what might happen, you have to go make it happen. He should have ran two more plays, got closer and then kicked on fourth down like a normal team. 

DUNSON: Marc Trestman, because he actually had time to process his decision. Mike Tomlin simply had a temporary blackout in reasoning. I thought Trestman was a quarterback guru. It’s not like he has Geno Smith out there. Josh McCown is flinging that magic bean. Go for the first down and at least 10 more yards. Once again, the Bears were collapsing down the stretch. Although, I might change my mind if the Steelers get fined a draft pick.


3. Is it rash to consider Nick Foles a viable MVP candidate (behind presumptive winner Peyton Manning, of course) heading into the final four weeks of the regular season?

CARR: Yes. Go ahead, wow me with the stats. It doesn't matter. This thing is voted upon, everyone loves Peyton Manning and it looks like the Broncos are the best team in the AFC. I just don't see voters choosing a QB who didn't start all year, even if the numbers may prove the cause.

BOADU: No, it's not. He's thrown 22 touchdowns with no picks. He definitely deserves to be considered. The more the Eagles win, the more of a chance people will start paying attention to Young Foles. 

DUNSON: Nowhere in the MVP requirements does it state that you need to start the entire season or be an established name. He hasn't lost as a starter.  He doesn't manage the offense, he is threading the needle. The Eagles offense has soared with him under center but he doesn’t have Mike Vick’s Turnover Tourette Syndrome. He's thrown more TDs than Tom Brady and zero INTs. Let’s give him a chance to propel the Eagles into the playoffs in addition to playing himself into or out over the final four weeks of the regular season.