Could Floyd Mayweather be coming to free TV?

If you were in the majority of fans that dished out nearly $100 for what many believed would be the “fight of the century”, then you were probably left with a sour taste in your mouth when the expected fireworks fizzled out with a lopsided Mayweather victory over historied foe, Manny Pacquiao.

But some good news has been percolating for boxing fans, avid and casual. Reports have surfaced that the 49th and reportedly final fight for the undefeated Mayweather may cost you absolutely nothing as a possible free TV deal with CBS could be in the works.

The undisputed Pay-Per-View King, who is scheduled to fight on September 12. has yet to announce his opponent but is adamant that this will be his final match. This fight will be his last of a six-fight deal with Showtime, which is a subsidiary of CBS, so this idea isn’t as farfetched as many would believe.

This may be Mayweathers greatest gift to the sport of boxing as we all get to witness the last hoorah of one of the greatest fighters the sport has seen. The 48-0 fighter has stated that he wants his last fight to be “special and unique” and a move like this would fit into the extravagant showman’s history of over the top ventures.

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