‘Continue To Gossip You Washed Up Wanna Be’| DK Metcalf Comes for FOX Sports Personality and Pro Football Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe

Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf and FOX sports personality Shannon Sharpe had itchy Twitter fingers that turned into some live social media beef, with the two men calling each other names and providing post-game fireworks after the Seahawks’ Sunday night loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

The beef began when Sharpe publicly criticized Metcalf on Twitter for fumbling in the final moments of the game instead of running out of bounds. 

Metcalf got in his feelings and the next morning he fired back at Sharpe. 

“Stop questioning me lil boy,” Metcalf tweeted in response to Sharpe, who wondered why Metcalf was trying to “play the hero.”

Sharpe is never one to hold his tongue. He was obviously surprised that DK would come at a boss Hall of Famer in that manner, but he fired back at the young receiver with no hesitance.  

Then DK turned it up another notch, with social media fueling the fire.

The Player-Turned-Reporter vs. Current Player

This kind of riff between Sharpe and Metcalf isn’t uncommon. 

The dynamic between former players who become media members and current players usually goes one of two ways. Either the former player never says anything critical of the current players. Or he turns straight red coat and rips everybody. 

Shannon pledges allegiance to the bag. Coming up with better material than Skip Bayless, the guy he debates on FS1’s “Undisputed” five days a week is his job. He’s a walking opinion, usually loud and unfiltered for the most part. That’s his style.

Any guy who brings Hennessey and Black and Mild cigars onto the set of a national mainstream sports show is on some next legendary sh*t.

His brother Sterling Sharpe was one of the best to ever play the wide receiver position before a career-ending neck injury derailed his Hall of Fame path in the ’90s. Sharpe is basically football royalty.  

Playing the resume game was a no-win for DK. If he really wanted to get under Shannon’s skin, he should have told the three-time Super Bowl champion something like this:

Hall of Fame Opinion 

Shannon’s a Hall of Famer, so he’s definitely earned the right to have an opinion on how one should execute the requirements of the receiver position. Sharpe is also a FOX show host, so it’s his job to give his insight and analysis.

This analysis may involve hurting the feelings of a sensitive young receiver who is still learning what greatness is truly about.  It is what it is. DK doesn’t have to respond to every criticism on social media — especially one by a media member. He should stay above the BS, work on his game and prove it on the field. 

Keep That Same Energy 

At least Metcalf eventually did his homework and tried to make amends. We can only imagine what some of those damage control phone calls were like because the last Tweet was a complete change of energy. 

“You know what, you’re right @ShannonSharpe,” he tweeted. “I do pray my resume can match yours.”

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