Columbus Short Comments on Recent Arrest and Personal Troubles

After news of his latest arrest became public, Columbus Short has finally decided to speak out himself about his troubles and struggles. In an interview with Access Hollywood on Monday, Short commented on his recent arrest for public intoxication this past Fourth of July weekend in Dallas saying, “There’s something visceral that happened inside of me, and yeah, I’ll say it, even as a black man in handcuffs on the ground, for no justifiable reason at all. I wasn’t acting intoxicated, I had had a couple of drinks, but whatever, I was angry and I used my vocabulary to kind of fight that.”

“If I want to be truthfully honest, I think dealing with the stress of the situations that I’ve been going through, medicating with anything, I think is dangerous because it becomes a crutch. But it doesn’t change it, the situation,” Short said about how stress is influencing his recent alcohol use. “That’s the funny part — I’m in a season where that’s not a part of my life — alcohol, drugs, those kinds of things aren’t around me, aren’t in my life. So it was an unfortunate event that happened the other night. Still yet, I think in the past that was definitely a struggle for me.”

Columbus also went on to address spousal abuse allegations stating, “Me and my wife, we’re going through problems. Serious, serious problems. However, the domestic part of it… I’m not a physically violent man…. I’ve never put my hands on a woman, physically, ever, and would not. I was raised by women.” But he is hopeful for a better future and that things will turn around for him in which he said, “This chapter is closed. There’s a new chapter, and I’m not the author of this, God is…. But I know that chapter is closed, and I’m excited for the next one.”

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