Columbus Short Arrested for Public Intoxication

Actor Columbus Short landed himself back in jail during the 4th of July weekend. Short was arrested for “public intoxication” in Dallas, Texas around 2 am on Saturday at the restaurant and beer garden Katy Trail Ice House after celebrating the holiday.

Short was reported to have gotten into an altercation with security guards at the Katy Trail House after attempting to leave the venue before paying his drink tab. Off duty police officers who were on the scene broke up the fight between Short and the guards, however Short become hostile towards the officers. He was later arrested on the scene and rather than being charged with assault, was charged with public intoxication.

Columbus previously got arrested this year in March when he was involved in another bar fight in Los Angeles, and was also arrested twice earlier in the year for domestic violence.

Short starred in ABC’s hit series Scandal until news of his many arrests this year became public.  

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