Colorado Transfer Seen On Video With What Appears To Be Gun And Weed | Law Enforcement Knows “He Ain’t Hard To Find”

One transfer in particular that decided to come to Colorado might have ruined his chance at playing for Colorado before it even started. 

Defensive lineman Chidozie Nwankwo transferred from the Houston Cougars to Colorado, and on Dec. 18 he went live to celebrate his transfer and speak to Buffaloes coach Deion Sanders while on live, and as he got up from his seat to walk around while speaking with Deion, viewers could see what looked like a gun and weed on the table behind him. 

It also seems apparent that Nwankwo noticed it was visible which may’ve caused him to shift his head and camera position to hide those items on his table as the table is no longer visible for the rest of the video. 

Chidozie Nwankwo signed to Deion Sanders and Colorado and then was seen with gun and weed in his IG video.
Chidozie Nwankwo signed to Deion Sanders and Colorado and then was seen with gun and weed in his IG video.

Some athletes are ready to throw away all the hard work they’ve put in to develop their careers for one bad decision. We’ve seen players on all levels of sports do it, from high school and college to professional. 

But what hurts the most is watching a player possibly hurt his chances of success before he can even cash in on his hard work.

Deion Sanders is a very welcoming guy if you want to work hard and play hard. His coaching philosophy and charisma also make Colorado a very attractive destination for a lot of recruits and potential transfers, which is why business has been booming for him in the transfer portal. 

What Did Deion Say About The Video?

He, nor Deion, nor any representative from Colorado has spoken on this yet, and it is likely that they’re trying to keep it from becoming a big deal. But in the current sports climate it will be hard for this to simply just be a minor issue. 

We’ve seen athletes like Ja Morant, Gilbert Arenas, and plenty others get in trouble for activities involving weapons and drugs, and it is a bad look for any organization that gets behind a player who has been exposed with various items like that. 

“Love the gun on the table. He’ll fit right in with the #culture there,” one viewer tweeted. 

Even though fans are critical of that video, there are plenty of uncertainties, such as if that actually was a gun and weed, or if it was illegal where he was at, or if it was registered, etc.

Regardless of the incident, Sanders will have a baller amongst his ranks if he doesn’t get reprimanded.

Nwankwo tallied up 95 tackles, 13 tackles for loss, and five sacks in 41 games in college. He joins a team that has ballers and is looking to bring in more talent through recruits and transfers.

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