Colin Kaepernick’s Team Issues Statement Destroying The Lies And Hate

Despite all of the injuries to, and horrible play by, NFL quarterbacks, Colin Kaepernick’s phone has remained void of calls from teams in need of good QB. Even when some are down to the third string quarterback, they still refuse to call Kap, maintaining the current blackballing that he’s facing.

Yesterday afternoon his team issued a statement to “address the false narratives” and dismiss the lies surrounding Kap and his ability to play.

Here are a few of the facts detailed in the release above:

“Is Colin still able to seek employment in the NFL after he filed a grievance?”

Yes. Eric Reid filed the same grievance and is currently employed by an NFL team.

“Has Colin demanded a specific salary in connection with his employment?”

No, that narrative is completely false.

“Does Colin still want to play?”

Yes, he has been working out 5 days a week, for 3 years, in preparation to play.

The release goes on to detail his career statistics, effectively squashing any claim that he doesn’t have the talent or numbers to return to the field.

While we wait to see if the statement will have any impact on his employment situation, it’s clear that Kap and his team aren’t remaining quiet or fuming in silence over his obvious blackballing. The haters and doubters will remain, but we all know the real truth behind that.

Kap is ready. Give him a call.

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