Colin Kaepernick Still Putting His Money Where His Heart Is

Despite the fact that NFL teams have continued to blackball a qualified Colin Kaepernick, refusing him the right to work as an NFL QB as of right now, that hasnt stopped his enthusiasm for helping kids, standing for a cause or putting his money where his mouth is. 

Shortly after the roller coaster of emotions, criticisms and support he received for refusing to stand for the National Anthem, he ramped up his social activist efforts with the Colin Kaepernick Foundation. The mission of his foundation is “to fight oppression of all kinds globally through education and social activism.”

Colin Kaepernick on Twitter

Gearing up for the next round of donations and I want to know where you want them to go. Go to

So far, Kaepernick has donated $700,000 to 24 organizations fighting to stop oppression, but hes also reached out to the public through his website,, to get suggestions on where he should spend the money as he prepares for another round of 100K donations. He is quickly surpassing the $1 million in donations he promised when he began the endeavor. 

Kaepernick is still unemployed for no good reason other than some fans and owners are still caught up in the outdated notion that he took a stand to be disrespectful to veterans or people who have sacrificed their lives for this country. It’s a narrative that couldn’t be sillier and further from the truth. Despite gaining increasing support from the fans and media,  he hasn’t gotten a sniff yet. 

It’s remarkable and sad, considering where Kaepernicks heart is at and how he is still using his celebrity to generate money to fund those problems which he felt strongly enough about to put his career on the line for. He’s an American hero being treated like a plague. He knows it and has said as much, often retweeting tweets that pertain to him getting railroaded and the misinformation that’s passed as an excuse for not signing him.

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It’s got to be frustrating. 

The Seattle Seahawks had Kaepernick in for a work out last week and by all reports it was promising because coach Pete Carroll referred to him as a starter in the NFL. Unfortunately Seattle decided against signing him and elected to go with Austin Davis. Another slap in the face of Kaepernick, as Davis is a journeyman quarterback, just a cut below mediocre, who has been out of work since the Broncos cut him in December. 

Its not clear if Colin Kaepernick will play anywhere in the NFL this season, especially after Giants owner John Maras damaging statements about owners being hesitant to sign him because a few idiot fans have threatened to not buy tickets.   

Making corporations succumb to ignorant fears has long been a tactic used by racists and oppressors. If you think about it, the wisest thing for the 100 percent white ownership in the NFL to do is collude to take away the platform that has made Kaepernick’s protests and community activism mean so much in the first place.  

However, its obvious that he is not going to let this discourage him and he will move forward with his initiatives because hes a person of integrity. The NFLs ignorance doesnt detract from the brilliance of Kaepernicks journey over the last two years. He entered the season as another dual-threat quarterback and is now a leader with a voice on subjects that shape the world way more than football. 

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