Cleveland Cavs Avoid the Broom And Win Game 4

    Golden State was bound to lose after winning 15-straight playoff games and making a mockery of NBA competition, and it finally happened in Game 4 of the NBA finals in Cleveland on Friday night. 

    Dub Nation had a chance to sweep King James on his home floor, but instead the law of averages fell in Clevelands favor as they hit a ridiculous, NBA record setting, 24 three-pointers, salvaging Game 4 and their hopes of a title defense by bouncing Golden State 137-116 in a rough and tough game marred by techs, odd refereeing, multiple video replays and throwback physical contact. 

    Honestly, there was nothing in the world that I could think of that would give Golden State the advantage entering Game 4. There wasn’t a person on the planet other than Golden State fans and gamblers who would benefit from Cleveland getting swept. The NBA loses money if the highly-marketed and promoted NBA Finals goes down in just four games. 

    How bad would that be if the alleged “Clash of The Super Teams” ended up a dud?   

    Both teams did their best to make Game 5 a reality as Kevin Durant and Steph Curry went 4-of-18 from three point land and Cleveland made the aforementioned flukish record of threes. While its good for basketball overall that there will be at least one more NBA game this season, those performances won’t happen again in this series. 

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     In fact, its almost comical. 

    It took 24 threes, 40 points from Kyrie Irving AND a bad overall shooting night from a red-hot Warriors squad for Cleveland to win. The Cavs, in a historic first 24 minutes, also set Finals records for points (86) and threes (13) in a half.

    The State of Ohio and LeBron fans across the world are celebrating because the Cavs won a game. I think that euphoria over one win speaks for itself. Cleveland won Game 4 on 100 percent pride and thats how it should be, and needed to be. 

    “They got us where they want us,” LeBron James told reporters after the win. “End of day we want to put ourselves in a position to play another game.”

    As if Cleveland needed any more incentive other than sheer desperation, they were give a typical performance from Draymond Green who, as usual, got into it all night with opposing players and the fans, at one point mocking the crowd by encouraging their chants directed at him. Then, during the postgame interview, he dissed the entire city of Cleveland, saying , “they don’t seem to be the sharpest people around.”

    Some cats don’t learn. 

    On to Game 5.

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