Chris Rock Joining Cast of Real Husbands of Hollywood

The cast of BET's comedy Real Husbands of Hollywood is about to add some real starpower. According to The Grio, the greatest comedian of our generation will be joining the cast to clown Kevin Hart in season two.

Adding to the anticipation are reports that comedian Chris Rock will be joining the all-star team. The funny-man will be replacing singer Robin Thicke on the upcoming season.

“I just watched the show and it just seemed like they were having so much fun,” Rock says.

Rock admitted that he is a fan of the show’s cast, which included Hollywood men Hart, Boris Kodjoe, J.B. Smoove, Duane Martin, Robin Thicke and Nick Cannon acting as dramatized versions of themselves.

“We see each other in passing all the time but it’s rare that you get to work with each other and have fun,” Rock says of the other men.


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