Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle Might Go On Tour Together


Last night attendees at NYC’s Comedy Cellar got the surprise of their lives as Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock joined the stage for an unannounced performance. Think about that for a second. Two all-timers, first ballot HOF dudes just randomly performing on a weekday night.

Apparently Chappelle got on stage after the final act’s performance and riffed for a good 45 minutes, and then Rock joined him and they discussed and joked about everything from the Oscar’s to Jay-Z concerts. They then teased the crowd with a discussion about going on tour together.

From The Comic's Comic:

But the most exciting exchange pertained to the possibility of a real stand-up collaboration. “Dave’s like, let’s just do it Wednesday. Unannounced!” Rock said. But the elder of the two comedians said he’s filming a new movie this spring and would need to get his new material ready before he would commit to a tour. (He did say he could be ready by Halloween.) This is probably what’s best for us fans—Chappelle and Rock have appeared together at the Comedy Cellar before, but it would be great to see a full-on tour or concert as opposed to more occasional impromptu duets.

Now look, if this happened, it could be must-see. This would sell-out in a matter of minutes and raise the stakes on comedy shows like nothing before it. I don’t know what Rock and Chappelle need to make this happen, but, if they’re as smart as they seem, they work to make this happen. 

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