Chris Long Should Be In The White Teammate Hall Of Fame

Long may not be headed to Canton, but he’s a GOAT for other reasons.

It goes without saying that a journalist shouldn’t be biased in any way shape or form. It’s also apparent that The Shadow League has been cheering for Chris Long to get all the things he deserves and then some ever since he became the first and most ardently outspoken white NFL player to come out against police brutality and side with Colin Kaepernick when he was blackballed.

Personally, I find it incredibly difficult to thank a person for attempting to fight institutional racism. Right or wrong, it’s a significant trigger to thank the descendants for trying to correct societal ills that they not only still benefit from but exacerbated by their ignorance in many regards.


Indeed, it’s a thin line between understanding, conscientious ally and disingenuous usurper.


Throughout all sorts of civil and societal struggles that have occurred across the globe across history, movements have been undertaken by groups or individuals who had been cast in the role of the underclass by the mainstream body populous. And in most instances, it takes a great deal of effort from brave individuals who cross societal divides in hopes of making the world a better place for all. Chris Long is one of those individuals.


Being the son of Hall of Fame player Howie Long could have derailed the confidence and resilience of any progeny. But Chris Long never wavered or faltered in being his own man and expressing confidence to think in his own way.


Shout out to Howie Long for never making himself a part of the Chris Long story arc or even mentioning him on air unless asked a direct question.


His work with Malcolm Jenkins and the Players’ Coalition, as well as his efforts to educate and uplift regarding issues of American oppression in his hometown of Charlottesville, Virginia, aren’t anomalies at all but indicative of a positive upbringing.

Long would donate his first six game checks of 2017 to Charlottesville, VA scholarships, and the final 10 checks of that season to fund the Pledge 10 for Tomorrow program for educational equality and opportunity.


Long is also part of the Waterboys foundation, which is dedicated to digging wells around the world in countries where many communities do not have access to clean drinking water. This endeavor actually predates his work with the Players’ Coalition.

He would earn the Walter Payton Man of the Year award for his efforts.


“When you look at everything Chris Long accomplished as a player and person, it’s easy to see how fortunate we’ve been to have him on our team,” the Eagles said in a statement released by the team.


“Chris was everything that we thought he was and even more — not only as a great player for our football team, but also in the community. There aren’t many players who can say they won back-to-back Super Bowls and the NFL’s Walter Payton Man of the Year award.

Of all the people that are going to be retiring before the start of the 19-20 NFL season, and in the months that follow, Chris Long is one of those “I sure am glad HE got a couple of Super Bowl rings” type of guys.


He was only in Philadelphia for two years, and that’s really hard to believe considering how easily he was able to step into a leadership role on that particular team.


Drafted by the Los Angeles Rams with the third overall pick out of the University of Virginia, It’s a shame Chris is only getting his props as his career comes to an end after two Super Bowls rings.


But what people don’t remember is how he recorded 54.5 sacks for the Rams in his first eight seasons, including to double-digit sack seasons, but never got any Pro Bowl love.

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