Check Out the New Batman Beyond Short

A new trailer animated short featuring the lead character from the now defunct animated series Batman Beyond was released at this year’s Wondercon convention.  Directed by artist Darwyn Cooke, and voiced by Will Fredie, the trailer shows the older Bruce Wayne and Terry McGinnis, who is the future version of Batman, battle a Batman doppelganger.  It’s quick. But it is eye-candy as far as fans of the 75-year-old Batman character is concerned. 

Does this mean that we can expect more from the series that ran from 1999 through 2001?  No new Batman series has been mentioned lately. But back in December the Associated Press reported that Batman Beyond will be rebooted as a DC Comic set to debut in May. And two animated films featuring the Dark Knight are slated for release in 2014- Batman: Assault on Arkham and Son of the Batman.  Check out the new Batman Beyond short below. 



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