Charles Barkley Doesn’t Use Hotel Soaps Anymore Because When He Was Washing Part Of His Body He ‘Almost Lost It’ | Kenny Smith Questions His Preference For Bigger Soap Bars

Charles Barkley had just entered the “ayoo” and “pause” obligatory moment in his broadcasting career when he revealed too much about his dislike of hotel soap. The NBA legend turned basketball analyst shared a story on “The Steam Room” podcast extension of the “Inside The NBA” franchise with co-host Ernie Johnson, explaining the hazards of small hotel soaps. Sir Charles brings his own soap everywhere he goes, and the reasoning behind it falls into the TMI or too much information category.

“You know I travel with my own soap? You knew that, didn’t you?” Barkley asked cohost Ernie Johnson, to a surprised ‘no’ from Johnson. “I travel with a big bar of soap. I love soap.”

Johnson prodded with a perfectly logical question, “Why, are you afraid it’s not gonna be in the hotel?”

But Barkley came with what started as an anticipated answer and then went left field real quick.

Say What, Charles?

“These hotels started being cheap,” Barkley continued. “Those bars ain’t big enough. Because I almost had a couple of accidents with the soap in hotels.”

Johnson, taken back, couldn’t help but delve further with, “In what way?”

Barkley’s response was crazy and only led to questions that no one would be comfortable asking.

“Well, when I was washing a part of my body, I almost had a little incident,” Barkley said to the surprise of Johnson.

“What the heck are you talking about?” Johnson inquired further.

“I almost had a little incident with those little bars of soap,” Barkley quasi-clarified.

“Almost lose it?” Johnson reached further into questioning.

“I almost lost it, and I was like, ‘WHOA, that was too close for comfort.’ So now I travel with my own big bars of soap,” Barkley admitted, leaving everything to the imagination.

The Charles Barkley Effect

When the clip was played on “Inside The NBA,” co-hosts Shaquille O’Neal and Kenny Smith couldn’t stop laughing at the admission from Barkley, with Shaq saying, “We’re going to get kicked off the air.”

Smith said, “I’ve got so many jokes but I don’t want to get in trouble.” Then he quipped, “Shaq, I don’t know where he lost it but I’m still kind of worried that he prefers bigger bars of soap now; that makes me worry now too. I don’t know how to take it either way.”

The moment was a lighthearted one for Barkley, who has been either continuing his berating the play of Kevin Durant for what he considers a lack of leadership or coming for former Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, who is the new and current president of the NCAA.

During his in-studio role at the NCAA Tournament last month, Barkley scolded Baker for discussing how regulatory “protections” would need to be enacted for name, image, and likeness (NIL) endorsements for college athletes. Barkley didn’t feel what he perceived as the politicization of the NIL spectrum.

“Did he say we’re going to ask the politicians to help us?” Barkley inquired about Baker in apparent disbelief. “See, that pisses me off already. Our politicians are awful people.”

As long as Charles Barkley is on television, he will bewilder and befuddle the masses, and his revelations about soap are no different.

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