Celebrity Roundtable: Rev Run and Tyrese Are Here To Help

This week, Tyrese and Rev. Run dropped Manology: Secrets of Your Man’s Mind Revealed, a new addition to the man-sells Black-women-unsolicited-advice trend currently wrecking havoc on those who see through the hustle. Nonetheless, the two have been making the media rounds promoting their literary piece of pontification. Why should anyone take relationship advice from a single divorcee or anyone who would co-sign his attempt to? In this week’s roundtable, Tyrese and Rev. Run give the real on Manology and help you decide whether or not it’s worth the purchase.


Q: How did the book come about?

Tyrese: You know, I believe in signs. Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini Cancer, ooh … and I was opening up the fortune cookie that came with my order of beef and broccoli and it instantly made me think of something I read the Rev. say on Twitter. And then, right after that, I sent him an email like “Dude, I got the remix!”

Rev. Run: Yeah, I was checking my spam account and saw a message from “Black Ty,” which I admittedly initially thought was a coupon from New Jersey Discount Tires or something. Anyway, I ended up realizing that the Lord didn’t bless me with the deal, but a friendship was born. Well, forced.


Q: What do you mean?

Tyrese: Again, I believe in signs so after our three-four hour conversation I thought, “Clearly this means I need to keep calling the man.”

Rev. Run: Kind of like Urkel on Family Matters. You know, Carl Winslow was nice to him that one time, but he just kept coming back again and again. No invitation other than the one he invented in his mind. But you know, he meant well.


Q: So after Tyrese Urkel kept calling ultimately y’all decided to write a book?

Tyrese: Initially, we decided to just send out tweets. Like Rev. would say something deep like “Don’t go chasing waterfalls. Just stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to because Jesus is your portion, a constant friend is he” and then I’d go left. “Girl, you can pop all the mollies you want, but your a** is going to end up sweating alone for the rest of your life if you don’t learn to shut up and listen to your man.”

Rev. Run: I soon realized, “Wow, this Negro could never date one of my daughters, but we can sure enough sell some books to their homegirls who aren’t lucky enough to have good parents like me and their mama.”


Q: Reverend Run, you are a man of a certain age. In any of your past conversations with Tyrese, did you ever stop and think, “Is Oswald Bates back?”

Rev. Run: I’m sorry, who?



Tyrese: I’m saying. It ain’t like I’m telling Akeelah not to worry about the next spelling bee because all she needs is a tape recorder and ghostwriter. Jesus said don’t be me, be better than me.

Rev. Run: That wasn’t Jesus, but amen. We all make mistakes and even if he confuses or invents new words, the sentiment is the same.


Q: Speaking of, in the book Tyrese writes that women needn’t over share because it scares men away. What about you live-tweeting your ex-wife not letting you inside the house on Christmas to give gifts?

Tyrese: Rev. doesn’t the Bible say mind your damn business?

Rev. Run: Well, there’s a note about forgiveness, so let’s go with that one.


Q: What is the difference between the lessons offered in this book and those one can hear at the barbershop or summer cookout?

Tyrese: I’m bald and eat alone. Next question.

Rev. Run: When someone says, “The Bible says” before making a point, at least you know I’ve actually read the Bible.

Tyrese: Boom. Nailed it.


Q: What do you say to some people who might argue that Tyrese tends to lean a bit on the sexist side of life?

Rev. Run: I’d say, “Shout out to your English teacher for doing his or her job.” That said, this is a book where two men come together and offer their individual perspectives on life. I am “the do,” Black Ty is “the don’t.” We are the before and after pictures in reverse.

Tyrese: Sexist? Who’s talking about sex? I just said don’t be all in my damn ear telling me your life story over a plate of sea bass and asparagus. Plus, don’t go around handing the ass out to another man because it doesn’t look okay when you do it.


Q: How about the idea that you’re essentially telling a woman to dumb herself down to boost the frail ego of man who ain’t worth nothing?

Tyrese: I bet that idea came from someone without a man ’cause she talks too much.


Q: With that in mind, Reverend, what do you say to someone who thinks maybe they should skip the book and keep reading your tweets instead?

Rev. Run: I’d say, “Thanks for the follow, but give your man that $24.99.” Diggy’s trust fund can’t get a boost from a retweet.


Q: And Tyrese, why should anyone, especially women, listen to you two?

Tyrese: God’s wisdom is given to those who humbly ask Him for it … and since Jada Pinkett Smith didn’t think of the idea first, to God be the glory and ladies, place your orders.



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