Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton Involved In Car Crash

Cam Newton has taken enough abuse from NFL defenders, the media and social rights groups accusing him of everything from sexism to being coy on racism over the past few seasons, so it was good that the Carolina Panthers franchise player didnt injure himself when his $300,000 Ferrari F12 was involved in a crash with a dump truck in Atlanta Thursday afternoon, according to TMZ.

TMZ on Twitter

Cam Newton In Car Crash with Dump Truck

Thankfully Newton was not injured and was seen walking after the wreck. Unfortunately, this isnt the first car crash for the 28-year-old former MVP. 

Newton escaped serious injury in 2014 when his truck collided with another vehicle and flipped over near Bank of America Stadium. That incident was a bit more serious as he was hospitalized with minor injuries but turned out to be fine. 

It seems Cam has a need for speed. When I hear about NFL athletes getting in car crashes all I can think about is Philadelphia Eagles’ star defensive tackle Jerome Brown, who killed himself and his 12-year-old nephew when the 1992 Corvette Brown he was driving skidded out of control on wet pavement, hit a palm tree and overturned. 

Maybe its time for the Panthers to play it safe, protect their interests and get Cam a personal driver. 

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