Cardinals HC Bruce Arians Says NFL Fans Are Not Ready For a Gay Player 

First-year Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians doesn't think gay NFL players would have an issue in the locker room, but it could be a different story once they hit the field. 

Fans, particularly in football, don't care much about the individuals on the field as much as the teams they pledge allegiance to. Arians made the point that opposing fans would be particularly brutal to an openly gay player, just to get under his skin and find a home field edge wherever it may be. 

Here are his comments to 

“I don’t think the locker room would have any problem with it,” Arians told in a telephone interview Wednesday. “The problem would be with the fans. I think especially opposing fans. Some of the things that are said are over the top and out of control that I can imagine what some fans would say to an openly gay player.”

It wouldn't be good, but we have to assume a player would know that coming in. We're also close to a time where being a blundering homophobic all out in the open can seriously get you embarrassed. Do we trust ourselves to speak out against the foolishness?