Can “Podcast P” Give Us Answers To The Clippers’ Struggles?

Podcasts are more popular than ever, and it seems to be the go-to side mission for many celebrities. Los Angeles Clipper star Paul George is just the newest addition to podcasters who are also among the best at what they do outside of the podcast booth.

Recently Boardroom announced the soon-to-be-released podcast called “Podcast P with Paul George”, coming from none other than PG-13 himself, along with his co-host and best friend and actor Jackie Long, and Dallas Rutherford. 

“I’m excited to launch ‘Podcast P’ with Wave Sports + Entertainment and give fans an unfiltered look at life on and off the court,” George told Boardroom. “I can’t wait to get started with my boys, Jackie and Dallas, as we invite fans into our inner circle to talk hoops, family, life, and more.”

Podcast P

This is intended not to just be another run-of-the-mill podcast from a basketball player who expects to collect extra money just from his loyal basketball fans wanting to hear him talk. No, this podcast will be changing the game covering a range of topics, including their personal/family lives, video games, music, and other types of media. The Big 3 will also give Playoff P the center stage to talk about his Los Angeles Clippers and their current push for the franchise’s first-ever NBA championship —while they’re playing during the season. 

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Paul George is stepping into the podcast lane. (Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

So perhaps this means that we won’t just get the savvy bs a player might give the reporters in the postgame presser. We should get more insight as to why a player took that shot, or what was really said in the locker room by Coach Tyronn Lue at halftime. This will hopefully give a lot of people the insight they’ve been looking for from one of the NBA’s most high-profile players. 

Another perk of this type of raw podcast is that we are expected to hear from tons of other Clippers players, and possibly other NBA players throughout the season and the offseason.

The Insider’s Perspective

Hopefully, we hear from newly acquired Clippers guard Russell Westbrook and he answers different questions that we all have for the controversial point guard. Maybe we can hear from the silent robotic assassin Kawhi Leonard, and while this most likely won’t happen, maybe he gives us insight as to why he misses games while healthy in an attempt to manage his injury load while his team is deadlocked at .500 with a 33-33 record. 

Those are just some possibilities that we have no idea may ever happen, but with a six-time All-NBA selection, and an eight-time All-star like PG13, he has to have some type of organizational and clout pull to get some of the NBA’s best on his show. Just like Boardroom founder Kevin Durant, who sometimes gets high-profile people on his podcast, Paul George should be expected to do the same thing.

George, who is in his 12th NBA season, is still one of the best players in the game. Averaging 23.3 ppg, 6.1 RPG, and 5.2 APG, George is having a stellar season, having been voted to his eighth All-Star appearance this year. Since the duo of him and Kawhi Leonard joined forces in the 2019-20 season the L.A. Clippers have been touted as championship contenders, though when the postseason comes it’s hard to keep the two on the floor together.

As mentioned, the Clippers are currently 33-33 and are fighting for a bid to the playoffs with the league in the fourth quarter of the season. 

With the podcast premiering on March 6, maybe fans will soon enough get a reason for the mediocrity of this stacked Clippers team.

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